31 December, 2008

2009 Here I Come!!!!!!


New Year



Knitting Kooks



looks forward


"Freedom 65"

24 December, 2008

Sock Problem Solved, I Guess!

Cannot go back to this pair.

Received a box containing a ball of "Wisdom Yarns New York" colour # 224. I had already pulled the needles out of the first pair. Don't want to go there. I guess I will just let this go. The new ball can join my many balls of self patterning sock yarn in my huge stash. Perhaps some day I will pull it out and try it again. MommaBearKnitsToo...........

17 December, 2008

Socks Problem Still not Solved

I did contact the company that produced the treachrous sock yarn that dissapointed me greatly. http://www.universalyarn.com/ I was offered a replacement (not really a great deal, but something is better than nothing). First of all Jean Lux, Universal Yarn said she that this yarn is one of their best selling yarns and they have never come across this issue. She also said that she wished I had come to them with my concerns before posting it to my blog - Too Bad!!!! She also said that she would be happy to replace the yarn. Then she asked me if I would like to select another colour and asked me to send my choice and mailing info to Kathy, their Customer Service Manager. That, I did the same day that I received her offer. (December 5). As yet I have not even received a response from Kathy. I would have expected some sort of offer, not necessarily of monetary value, just some sort of promo or perhaps offer of info re: other yarns, samples, patterns, new product or at least a response stating that the replacement is on its way. Nothing!!!! I am still disappointed and will continue to post my concerns until the issue is resolved. I would even be willing to send them my defective yarn (at no cost to me, of course), because I certainly will never finish the socks. Until next time MommaBearKnits on into the future and am still not intending to purchase (which I do a lot of) any more Wisdom Yarns.
P.S. I could have gone back to the merchant but why should the store owner take responsibility.