31 March, 2009

"? Baby" is Moving Right Alone

Here is the first prototype. It is the smallest (Preemie) size just because it is quicker to work out the kinks with a smaller project. Besides, Preemie Patterns are cute and Butterscotch loves to model them. I am back into the multi-directional mode but still no-sewing.

Now I have begun a size 18 months (largest size) and I will detail each section as I go. There will be little glitches but I am confident that it will work and will be fairly easy to put to paper. Time will tell. So far I have completed the first and second section. 1. Neckband; 2. Short Back Panel to balance the front neck shape. Next is the sleeve panel. Remember, visitors are welcome and I will keep updating the progress. By the time this one is done, I should have at least a rough version of the pattern on paper.

Until next time........ MommaBearKnits

30 March, 2009

MommaBearKnits Too

I am still knitting and designing in spite of the wildlife in the yard. I started another baby jacket worked in multi directions and definitely with no sewing. It is kind of like 'Baby J' but 'Not' really. 'Baby J' has the panels running down the centre front and the centre back. This one has the panels running down the top of the shoulder and the sleeve and it is worked in a textured pattern instead of garter stitch.
This one is the first of many samples worked in the Preemie size, now I have to work the #'s for the next 4 sizes. There is still a long way to go and there will be quite a few changes before the final version is done.

The back of the neck has a short panel to make the allowance for the drop in the front of the neck. If it works and I can get the sizes, I intend to post a question for my visitors. I will ask for suggestions for the name of the design.
If I receive a suggestion that grabs me and I assign it to the finished project I will email a copy of the pattern to the person who suggested it when it is finalized and sent to Patternfish for sale
on-line .................... keep visiting and I will keep posting my progress. I am also working on an adult version of 'Baby J' called 'J Walker'.
MommaBearKnits and Designs Too.

Mother Nature is at my back door

Winter came back again last night. This beauty is cleaning up our flower garden.
No words can describe how it feels to look out your kitchen window and see three beautiful young deer within 15 feet of my table where I sit and view nature every morning with my sticks and string in my hand and my tea in front of me. Fortunately the Ruster was still in bed because he checks the window all the time to keep an eye out for the wild things that come into our yard. I am glad that we won't be planting a vegetable garden this summer, it would be a waste of time with these four legged creatures and the big birds as well dropping in for breakfast. Freedom 65 equals more time to just sit and enjoy momma nature.
MommaBearKnits around the clock in her world.

27 March, 2009

Wild Visitors to My Back Yard

Most mornings when I get out of bed, the first thing I do is look out the kitchen window. Sometimes I see deer walking by, of course the Cruster Ruster usually howls and sends them on their way. He is never never allowed off his lease or he would be off and running.

For the last few mornings I have had wild turkeys cleaning up under the bird feeder. Usually I scare them away trying to photograph them, but this morning, look what I seen when I got out of bed. I was lucky enough to get some pictures.

Oh Yeah, MommaBear is still knitting. I have been asked (prodded) for some time to do the #'s for the final version of "Baby J". It is a grown up jacket with the Garter Stitch Multi Directions, the same as the 'Baby J' and the 'Junior J'. It will be called 'J Walker'. Garter Stitch is a lot of knitting and it takes a lot of yarn but the finished product is worth it. I will keep you posted with progress photos. Right now I am working (in garter stitch) the collar, not much to photograph yet. A long way to go.

MommaBearKnits on into the wee hours and also in the morning after she has her tea and views the wild things in her backyard. Life is good, Freedom 65, why does one have to wait so long for the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

24 March, 2009


I sent Hoodie Bear #002 off to Patternfish about 5 minutes ago. Butterscotch was happy to model both the hooded option and the collared option.

MommaBearKnits on into the future.......

19 March, 2009

Huggy Bear Is Out There!!!

I listed Huggy Bear on Patternfish last night. Now I wait. Deb was great to post the information on her site as well http://cabinfeverknittingdesigns.blogspot.com/

I am overwhelmed with the help and support I have received, now I wait to see what the future brings. If you click on the picture of the pattern to the left it will take you directly to Huggy Bear on Patternfish. I am having a telephone meeting with my pattern checker later tonight and then the final touch- up will be done on Hoodie Bear before he/she goes out into cyberworld with Huggy.

Keep on Knitting, I certainly will. MommaBearKnits.

16 March, 2009

I am ready to go out there!

I have posted my patterns on the left for information and as my bragging post. I will be updating the pictures later today, then off they go. When the final picture has been chosen I will post the patterns again. They are not for sale on this site, hopefully they will be displayed on Patternfish.com very soon and will sell.

MommaBearKnits for her Baby Bears.

12 March, 2009

Are You Sick of Huggy Bear Yet?

I have finished it, done, over, move on, I promise I won't go back to it. I have edited, edited, edited. I still have not selected the picture for the pattern, as I am still hoping to get a real baby model, but that is all. I will send it off the Patternfish no later than monday. If I cannot get a real baby model, I will go outdoors, here in Canada in the never ending winter, and photograph the samples and let go of my baby. This has been a wonderful experience. Hope the knitters in cyberworld like it too.
MommaBearKnits on into the future.

08 March, 2009


Received an email from Mary today stating that she had finished the Pattern Check. Oh boy, what a feeling!!! She said the pattern was cute and the corrections were not huge, more just consistency in the writing. Later in the day we talked on the phone and went over the entire pattern. That was my first experience and I found the discussion to be very very helpful. We joked, and talked about our interest in knitting and I learned a lot. It was not a scary process at all. Now I am fixing it up and soon will send my baby off once again.
How Great is Freedom 65 ------ Knitting and Designing is my Passion.

03 March, 2009

Hoodie Got Into the Picture Too

Butterscotch is such a ham!!!! He insisted that he model Hoodie Bear #002 as well, even though I am still working on samples and the pattern.

Then of course, Ruster the Cruster had to give his approval as well. Rusty loves my Teddy Bears, however, sometimes he runs with them and somehow takes off their sweaters.

MommaBearKnits on into the night and walks the Ruster Cruster during the day.

Huggy Bear Passed His In-House Inspection!

Well MommaBear called a meeting this morning for the final in-house inspection and/or approval of "Huggy Bear" #001. Butterscotch modeled the cardigan and hat and also offered his opinion. Believe me, he can be very critical. Chocolate, of course, conducts the final inspection. Snowflake decided to sit in on the meeting, for experience only........ The discussion was very detailed and final approval was given by Chocolate.
Then the original Huggy Bear, and her baby, offered some more input. It was all good though.

Snowflake wanted to be in the picture too. So she posed with Butterscotch.
And, of course, Butterscotch had the final word.
I am still waiting for Mary's comments and corrections; keeping my fingers crossed. I will keep my blog updated. Drop in again soon. MommaBear loves her blog being visited almost as much as she enjoys designing and of course, KNITTING.
MommaBearKnits on into the night and in the morning too.............
Freedom 65 is the best thing!!!!