26 October, 2009


Thanks Ericah and Katrina.  You comments were greatly appreciated and trust me I listened.  I am looking forward to and hoping for more suggestions.  So far I have frogged a couple of ideas and started again.  Everyone out there, if you visit please offer your opinions, especially moms and grandmoms of teenage girls.  Knitting for teens is a big undertaking and I want to get it right. 

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22 October, 2009


I am trying to branch out and step up from the baby/toddler patterns.  I wonder what would a tweeny girl ( say 10 - 14 yrs) like to wear if I knit it for her.  I want it to be fashionable, multidirectional and no sew.  If those of you out in cyber world can just give me some hints, I can certainly work the multidirectional no sew concept into the project.  Just a few suggestions would be appreciated. 

1.   Do they like Cardigans, Pullovers, Hoodies, Vests, Jumpers, or what? 
2.   Do they like Lace, Cables, or just Stockinette or Garter stitch or perhaps a mix of two or more stitch patterns. 
3.   How about colours, do they like basic colours, self patterning, or out-of-this-world fabulous bright  colours? 
4. What do you knit for your daughters and/or grandaughters? 
5. I would like to know if the girls will wear them if they are cool and fresh in 2009 or just say 'thanks mom', and put them away in the closet never to see the light of day.
6. What works best for teens, DK, Worsted, Aran, Chunky?
7. Do you think teens will want to knit something themselves if it is their style?

I have gone on the web, seached for teen specific patterns and they are scarce.  There is and will always be the classic cardigans, pullovers, and shells in all sizes but I want new stuff.  For every other size there are thousands, but fashionable specific teen patterns, not so much,  Help me please.  Send pictures, descriptions, web sites and blogs that I can visit, where I might get some ideas or find patterns that I can purchase and download or free pattern sites as well.  

Contact me: berniebydesign@gmail.com or even just post a comment.

I need to feed my addiction and this will help.  MommaBearKnits on and on.

20 October, 2009


I am addicted; I admit it; I can live with it (although, not sure if PapaBear can); and I am looking forward the the 'Arts and Craft Christmas Tour in Oro Medonte'.  I have finished some projects and am working on more:

This one (above) is a pullover version of the Jr. J.  It is worked in superwash wool and is size 2-3.  I have added a little different edging on the cuffs and bottom but the #'s are the same.  I encourage anyone who has worked the "J" series ('Baby J'; 'Jr. J'; and the latest cabin fever release 'J J Jacket') to branch out and be creative. The numbers can be worked for a sweatshirt style pullover; a crew neck pullover; a vest; and a hip length, waist length or I bet a full length coat would be great.  Go for it and if you do, please send me a picture, it will make me very happy to see my beloved "J" in many many different ways. I have worn my 'J J Jacket' in the public a few times already and it has never failed to attract attention and receive compliments.  Everyone is facinated with the directions and the no sewing.  If you are interested in seeing the leaflet patterns that I have self published and Cabin Fever published click on the link at the top of the left side panel.

This one (above) is similar to Sam's Delight, but not!  This one is size 8-10 and will be available for sale at the upcoming craft show.  I will likely write it up as a new pattern as the neckline is different, the yarn weight different, body texture different and there will be more sizes (2-52 hopefully).  That will likely not happen until January 2010 as I am kind of busy with the Craft show and working with Deb, Dana, Lynda and Sophie on the new Cabin Fever book.  Keep an eye out for it, you will like it, I promise. 

Hanging on my clothes line (I love outdoor clothes lines) are some more small projects, not quite finished but soon.  I gifted my Son, Daughter-in-Law, Grandaughter with the first three pairs of Fingerless Gloves, so will have to keep on knitting some more before November 20.  I think they are very popular now.  The hat looks weird right now but in my head it looks real neat.  Will post the finished hat, if it works.

I am also working on another multi-directional garment.  This one is just for ideas, so it is just size 1-2, but it will help me with the ideas and various panel stitch patterns.

Close-up of the back 2 panels.  Keep watching, it will change a lot before it is done.

As alway the addicted MommaBear cannot stop, is there help out there for me? Or if you don't have any help, join me, I love knitting with other knitters, awesome networking opportunity.

09 October, 2009

Countdown to the Oro Medonte Christmas Tour

I am counting down to my first Art and Craft Show participation (6 weeks to go).  Scary, but I need to do it or else I will have to add on a room or two for my stash and my projects and take out a second mortgage to keep me in yarn; just kidding, my stash would keep me knitting forever.  No matter how the show goes, I will still "Knit On Into the Night".  This morning I decided to sort out the sweaters by size.  I have overdone it with the Preemie/Newborn sizes, they are sooooo cute and very quick to knit.  I have 13 Preemie/Newborn; 6 Three months; 8 six months; 5 nine months; 9 twelve months; 9 childrens sizes 2-10.  Total 50, I think--- I keep finding more tucked away with other projects. Quite a few of the baby cardigans will also have matching hats and booties or socks.  I will also have many Baby/Children/Adult hats.  There will be a special price for the ones that I call my Scrap Hats.  Dish cloths, mitts, scarfs; baby/toddler socks and fingerless gloves will be for sale as well.  My Huggy Bear and my Hoodie Bear patterns will be available and there will be a special show price.  I plan to take copies of my Friends of Cabin Fever Patterns and if anyone is interested I will be proud to direct them to http://www.patternfish.com/ or http://www.cabinfever.ca/ to see all the Cabin Fever Designs and, if they are interested, they can be purchased for download on line. 

So, one more time:  The 16th Annual Christmas Art & Craft Tour in Oro-Medonte will be held Friday November 20; 9:00 am - 7:00 pm and Saturday November 21; 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.  Four locations, all within 10 minutes of each other; Old Town Hall, Oro Fairgrounds; Oro Station Community Hall; St Thomas' Church Hall, Shanty Bay; Art and Sale Show at the White House, 628 Ridge Road East, Oro Medonte.

MommaBearKnits will be located at the St. Thomas' Church Hall in Shanty Bay.  Please drop by, I would love to meet everyone and there will be a great variety of arts and crafts of all kinds at each of the locations. 
-----MommaBearKnits on into the night. 

05 October, 2009

Long Time No Post - I am Back

Catch up time: 
First of all I want to thank Cynthia McDougall, http://www.cgknitters.ca/ for the write up in the current issue of "Knit Together" (the quarterly publication of Canadian Guild of Knitters).  I was featured under the category "Meet a Canadian Designer" and am totally flattered by the recognition.

As I mentioned in my last post I am going to be a vendor at the 16th Annual Christmas Art and Craft Tour in Oro Medonte.
You all know I have lots of stock but, hopefully will need more.  I will also take my Huggy and Hoodie Bear Patterns for sale.  I am working hard, finishing up the Baby Compass pattern, making smaller items for display and hopefully they will sell at the November event.  I just finished a child's version of a hooded sweatshirt style pullover and of course more socks, hats and mitts. 

Pictured here are more of my stock.  I cannot believe it, I have even started to knit Fingerless Gloves.  I never could see the reasoning behind them but they are popular and as I worked through several pairs, I began to like them on my hands and I bet they will be handy when I walk Cruster Ruster. So, I will likely keep one pair for me.   I am also working on a updated version of my Sam's Delight pattern, it will be called Samorel and will be written for children 1-6; 8-14; and an adult version will eventually be available, likely not until January at the earliest. (Picture will follow, I have completed the yoke and about 3 inches of the body.  Still have to do the sleeves.) 
Deb, Dana, Lynda, Sophie and I have held our first meeting to discuss yet another Cabin Fever Book.  It will be different from the previous ones, and will feature some very interesting designs.  Keep watching the Cabin Fever Sisters, for the release of another pattern book------------ 
Until next time ---- MommaBearKnits.