09 October, 2009

Countdown to the Oro Medonte Christmas Tour

I am counting down to my first Art and Craft Show participation (6 weeks to go).  Scary, but I need to do it or else I will have to add on a room or two for my stash and my projects and take out a second mortgage to keep me in yarn; just kidding, my stash would keep me knitting forever.  No matter how the show goes, I will still "Knit On Into the Night".  This morning I decided to sort out the sweaters by size.  I have overdone it with the Preemie/Newborn sizes, they are sooooo cute and very quick to knit.  I have 13 Preemie/Newborn; 6 Three months; 8 six months; 5 nine months; 9 twelve months; 9 childrens sizes 2-10.  Total 50, I think--- I keep finding more tucked away with other projects. Quite a few of the baby cardigans will also have matching hats and booties or socks.  I will also have many Baby/Children/Adult hats.  There will be a special price for the ones that I call my Scrap Hats.  Dish cloths, mitts, scarfs; baby/toddler socks and fingerless gloves will be for sale as well.  My Huggy Bear and my Hoodie Bear patterns will be available and there will be a special show price.  I plan to take copies of my Friends of Cabin Fever Patterns and if anyone is interested I will be proud to direct them to http://www.patternfish.com/ or http://www.cabinfever.ca/ to see all the Cabin Fever Designs and, if they are interested, they can be purchased for download on line. 

So, one more time:  The 16th Annual Christmas Art & Craft Tour in Oro-Medonte will be held Friday November 20; 9:00 am - 7:00 pm and Saturday November 21; 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.  Four locations, all within 10 minutes of each other; Old Town Hall, Oro Fairgrounds; Oro Station Community Hall; St Thomas' Church Hall, Shanty Bay; Art and Sale Show at the White House, 628 Ridge Road East, Oro Medonte.

MommaBearKnits will be located at the St. Thomas' Church Hall in Shanty Bay.  Please drop by, I would love to meet everyone and there will be a great variety of arts and crafts of all kinds at each of the locations. 
-----MommaBearKnits on into the night. 

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