31 July, 2009

Thanks Deb!

Thanks Deb. You came to my house and look what happened. The shawl is great. I cannot wait for it to dry. In this case a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

MommaBear loves the look of the blocked shawl and is eager to get the next one done. Oh, I am still stroking, loving, and slipping the string over my sticks, JJ is coming along great.
MommaBearKnits in ever colour of the rainbow -----

30 July, 2009

Lace Addiction! I Guess!

Don't worry, I am still working on J Jacket. So far I have completed more than 3/4 of the left side panel. But--------- I just could not resist the two balls of Zauberball that were sitting in full view. I had already chosen the pattern "Swallowtail Lace Shawl" by Evelyn Clark, it was printed off and sitting on my desk. I just had to start it. The yarn has a very nice feel as it flows between my fingers and over my sticks. It will have to take a back seat to J Jacket though. I will work on the shawl in the mornings and the jacket in the afternoons and evenings. I cannot, I will not, let lace take over my life. Oh yeah, I am playing around in my head the concept of a girl's wrap cardigan with lace, oh my Gawd, I am hooked. The picture looks big but it is actually only about 6 inches of work done-----a long way to go.
Until next time MOMMABEARKNITS boy does she knit and she loves it. Deb and I will be blocking the white shawl that I just completed, it is a gift for a very special person.

29 July, 2009

Progress with JJ

JJ is taking shape. The buttons are just pinned on for effect and to see the layout of the collar. I will purchase buttons that reach out and grab me when the jacket is finished.

At first there was some concern re: the size and lay of the collar but as the side ridges are worked the collar has more support from the body. See the difference in the left and right side of the collar with the right side still to be worked. (Right side of the jacket not the right side of the picture, confusing?)

I really like the way it lays, whether buttoned all the way up and over, kind of like a deep rolled, very warm, collar or with the top three buttons open it lays off on the shoulder and I think it will be flattering and will accent the garment worn under the jacket.
Since my post yesterday I have been knitting more and am now about 1/2 way through the 5th skein. "Anybody want to do the #'s now." Right now I am just knitting JJ and of course some other small projects that I need to cool my lap in this heat. JJ is wool and it is getting big and it is hot, like a beautiful winter blanket.
Until next time MommaBearKnits

28 July, 2009

Pictures Boring ---- Stats Interesting (I hope)

O.K. I believe that my visitors are really getting bored with the weird pictures of the JJ Progress. So, just for fun I went to my beloved spreadsheet program and played around with #'s, this may scare you!!!!

I have completed 4 skeins of Briggs & Little Heritage Wool. (well almost, there is a small ball still hanging, very small)

4 skeins means that I have worked 784 m/860yds of yarn

That means that I have travelled .78km/.48miles over my sticks with my string.

That is 2,580 feet or 30,960 inches or 78,638.4 cm. over the same sticks with the same string.

I am now working on the side panel and have completed 16 ridges worked over 244 sts.

Now listen to this: The collar contains 7,192 sts; the neckband 918 sts; the two front panels 4240 X 2 sts; the back panel 7,808 sts and so far the side panel 9,272 sts for a grand total of 33,670 sts so far. Don't let these number scare you, it is all the simple garter stitch and is a great TV watching project. And as we all know, Knitting is very relaxing, be careful don't fall asleep with the sticks in your hands.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these numbers.
If you have a question, please leave a comment.

I will keep everyone updated with the project when the next skein is wound up, knitted, stroked and loved by MommaBearKnitting.

25 July, 2009

Progress Report for Adult JJ

I am making great progress --- I think.
I have finished the two front panels, and the centre back panel. I have picked up the stitches to work both of the sides and have completed a few ridges on each side. I have a long way to go, lot of knitting but I really like the collar and look forward to the finished JJ Jacket. The pattern does not instruct a knitter to work both sides at once but I am trying to get a feel for the fit before finishing the #'s. It is still a design under construction and Cabin Fever will have it out there for all you knitters before you know it.
Today, it is raining in Lake Country and it is forecast to be cloudy and rainy for the next five days.
Where-oh-Where is the sunshine for the Sunshine City.
MommaBearKnits in the sun, rain, hail, snow.
Whatever the season MBK's

24 July, 2009

And The Beat (Knit) Goes On!!!!

First of all I must have socks in progress. These are more children's sizes, a little bigger but still using up my left over sock yarn, mixing up the colours; self-patterning mixed with solid colours.

Addicted to socks, I am, I am!

When Deb and I were in Huntsville on Monday we walked in and there on a table, just sort of sitting there was this display of awesome yarn. It is called Zauberball made in Germany. It is fine sock yarn. I carried different colours around with me the whole time I was there. Finally, made the decision. I must have it!!!!

I purchased two balls, hopefully, that will be enough to complete another Evelyn Clarke shawl. It came home and I placed it in my hanging garden and photographed it.

I just had to play with it one more time before setting it aside until another large project is finished.

Guess what that project is --------

First on my list now is the Adult JJ. It will be a little more stylish than the Baby J and the Jr. J with a nice rolled collar. The idea is that this version of the design will serve more as a jacket that a cardigan and will be a great fall and early winter coat. The collar can be buttoned up and rolled over for warmth or left laying off onto the shoulder for a nice look.

I have completed the collar, two front panels and 1/4 of the centre back panel. It is a lot of knitting in garter stitch but I look forward to the finished project. Deb and I are both working on this version and it will definitely be available as a Cabin Fever Pattern by September.

Until next time, keep up the beat ---------

MommaBearKnits non-stop.

20 July, 2009

Great Day Road Trip

Today Deb and I went to visit the new yarn shop in Huntsville. "Knitting Three Together" is a great networking place to visit and stay for a while, knit, shop, knit, network, etc. It is a welcoming friendly yarn shop and boutique. It is just getting started and will get better and better as the inventory grows. Brenda Allan and Judith Ruan made us feel welcome and I had a great knit day with Dana, Deb, Brenda and Judith. The first impression is the window display, wow! Then the rest of the afternoon was great. Customers came and went, they all seemed to enjoy the space and joined in the conversations and the knitting. Check it out at www.knittingthreetogether.com .

17 July, 2009

Done; Done; Done; Progress; Begun

Huggy Bear with cabled collar and cuffs
Ten pairs of Baby Socks
It measures 58"X25" before blocking. I think it will surpass the pattern blocked measurements of 64"X32" no problem. I cannot wait to see it blocked. I really enjoyed it and could not put it down, that is why it is finished so quickly.


I am still working on Lynda's Fancy Stitch Cozy. No point in showing it again until it is finished.

AND!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!
I am knitting, along with Deb, the final vesion of the "J" series.
Adult "JJ" is on the table.
It will have a collar and be more of a warm fall/winter jacket than a cardigan. I am more than half way through the collar, LONG WAY TO GO, GARTER STITCH IS A LOT OF KNITTING BUT WELL WORTH IT.

Until next post MOMMABEARKNITS

14 July, 2009

Progress Report

Shawl is growing, I am enjoying it and do not have to make myself pick it up and knit. I do have to follow the pattern very carefully so I only work on it first thing in the morning when I am more attentive.
The sock project is almost to the end, at least for the Comfort DK 5 balls of assorted colours. I will start another sock project from my stash, perhaps a bigger size, toddler 2 - 3.
I had 5 balls, each 50 gms. Red; Yellow; Green; Blue and Varigated that had all the other colours in it. I will have 10 pairs when I am done. See the last work in progress in the centre. See just how much yarn will be left, not much. The socks will likely fit an eighteen month old baby, I will have to check the size to be sure. I am awaiting the Adult "J", that will be a lot of knitting but it is time to put it out there.

I have also finished knitting the Jr. Jacquard, Huggy Bear. I just have to sew on the buttons, end a few threads and I will post it's final picture tomorrow.

11 July, 2009

Frog Squad Came, new Shawl Under Construction

The shawl above, while lovely, it was far too big for my plan. There was still many many rows and then an edge, it would have reached the floor on a short person like me. I tried to keep at it but for some reason I kept turning to other projects. I think it should have been in finer yarn on smaller needles, oh well, lesson learned. Onward and upward. The yarn will emerge from the frog pond and live to fight another day. I am posting the picture just so you all know that I really did put a lot into it.
Now, new shawl started. It is an Evelyn Clark Design called Heartland Lace Shawl. It will be smaller and more lacy. Deb had originally recommended that I visit Evelyn Clark's web site and see her patterns. but I had some sentimental reason for choosing the other one. Deb, I should have listened to you, I am enjoying this pattern and find it real easy to follow. What I like the most is that it is written out line by line and also charted. I am still knitting baby socks, sweaters and Lynda's cozy as well. They work when I am watching TV, the shawl requires more attention.
MommaBear is still knitting.

10 July, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!!!!


The little stuffed cat in her arms is her baby, she is still a great mom!!!!

09 July, 2009

Update on my Labour of Love!!!!

Yesterday I trashed a closet full of off season clothes, mostly never worn in many years; so -----dumped them, cleaned the closet and guess what, started to store my stash in some sort of system, yah right!!!!
This is just the beginning, I need more containers and likely more closet. I will keep on sorting and storing.

Oh, by the way, while I was looking and touching I brought out a big ball of yarn that I got at the K-W show last year. I didn't know what to do with it but had to have it. Bought it, stored it, and then it called me ----"Come get me, I want to be Lynda's (Cabin Fever) Fancy Stitch Cozy. Lynda demonstrated the fancy stitch cozy pattern and taught the local guild how to do it at the May Guild Meeting. My version is a little different, smaller needles, more stitches cast on and a different edge. The yarn is supposed to be doubled heavy worsted weight worked on size 9mm needles. I worked mine double but it is finer and the needles are size 6.5mm. The stitch is absolutely beautiful, I cannot wait to try it on something else.

My huggy bear (sort of like the pattern) in Bernat Jr. Jacquards is almost done, I was not happy with the previous picture, the blue striped T did not do it any favour so I took another photo. I am still working on socks, now have completed 7 pairs.
Bad Things Happen and Mistakes are made even to us who Knit:
Now I have a confession to make, I have fallen away from my shawl and tried to get back at it but no way, my sticks and string just would not work. Now I know why, I do not like it. It will be far to large for the person that I am knitting it for. Guess what I am going to do today -----Frog It. I will start another, smaller one and will finish it in time, I know I will. Frog Squad is coming in now. Commenters, I really appreciate your comments but do not try to talk me out of the frogging, I have made up my mind and by the time you comment it will be too late.
Good-bye, keep on knitting.

03 July, 2009

Knitting Again, Oh I guess it is Knitting Still

Current Projects are a variation of my Huggy Bear in Bernat Jr. Jacquards; and baby socks in a supply of Berroco Comfort DK that has been dwelling in my stash bins under my bed. I have five colours, so I am making a pair in each colour (so far three colours and one sock in the fourth colour, still have the royal blue to do) then I will mix the colours up with perhaps different colours for the cuffs, heels, toes and perhaps stripped socks as well. It is 50% nylon/50%Acrylic, should be good for wash & wear. It will be interesting to see just how many pairs I can get. I prefer bright colours for babys, none of that baby blue or baby pink lives in my world. The yarn calls for a size 4mm needle but I am working the socks in size 2.75 mm; makes for a nice tight texture and should really hold it's shape and stay on the foot nicely. Until next time keep on knitting, I am.
MommaBearKnits aka berniebydesign