09 July, 2009

Update on my Labour of Love!!!!

Yesterday I trashed a closet full of off season clothes, mostly never worn in many years; so -----dumped them, cleaned the closet and guess what, started to store my stash in some sort of system, yah right!!!!
This is just the beginning, I need more containers and likely more closet. I will keep on sorting and storing.

Oh, by the way, while I was looking and touching I brought out a big ball of yarn that I got at the K-W show last year. I didn't know what to do with it but had to have it. Bought it, stored it, and then it called me ----"Come get me, I want to be Lynda's (Cabin Fever) Fancy Stitch Cozy. Lynda demonstrated the fancy stitch cozy pattern and taught the local guild how to do it at the May Guild Meeting. My version is a little different, smaller needles, more stitches cast on and a different edge. The yarn is supposed to be doubled heavy worsted weight worked on size 9mm needles. I worked mine double but it is finer and the needles are size 6.5mm. The stitch is absolutely beautiful, I cannot wait to try it on something else.

My huggy bear (sort of like the pattern) in Bernat Jr. Jacquards is almost done, I was not happy with the previous picture, the blue striped T did not do it any favour so I took another photo. I am still working on socks, now have completed 7 pairs.
Bad Things Happen and Mistakes are made even to us who Knit:
Now I have a confession to make, I have fallen away from my shawl and tried to get back at it but no way, my sticks and string just would not work. Now I know why, I do not like it. It will be far to large for the person that I am knitting it for. Guess what I am going to do today -----Frog It. I will start another, smaller one and will finish it in time, I know I will. Frog Squad is coming in now. Commenters, I really appreciate your comments but do not try to talk me out of the frogging, I have made up my mind and by the time you comment it will be too late.
Good-bye, keep on knitting.


  1. That stitch definition is beautiful- the yarn is a beautiful color! I can't wait to see more! I have some Comfort close by that I think will turn into socks as well. What a great idea-- a smaller needle! Will they stay on little feet then?

  2. Noooo... don't frog! Abbreviate! It's bee-you-tee-fulll!


  3. Hey - I remember that big ball of yarn!! It looks beautiful in that stitch.