24 July, 2009

And The Beat (Knit) Goes On!!!!

First of all I must have socks in progress. These are more children's sizes, a little bigger but still using up my left over sock yarn, mixing up the colours; self-patterning mixed with solid colours.

Addicted to socks, I am, I am!

When Deb and I were in Huntsville on Monday we walked in and there on a table, just sort of sitting there was this display of awesome yarn. It is called Zauberball made in Germany. It is fine sock yarn. I carried different colours around with me the whole time I was there. Finally, made the decision. I must have it!!!!

I purchased two balls, hopefully, that will be enough to complete another Evelyn Clarke shawl. It came home and I placed it in my hanging garden and photographed it.

I just had to play with it one more time before setting it aside until another large project is finished.

Guess what that project is --------

First on my list now is the Adult JJ. It will be a little more stylish than the Baby J and the Jr. J with a nice rolled collar. The idea is that this version of the design will serve more as a jacket that a cardigan and will be a great fall and early winter coat. The collar can be buttoned up and rolled over for warmth or left laying off onto the shoulder for a nice look.

I have completed the collar, two front panels and 1/4 of the centre back panel. It is a lot of knitting in garter stitch but I look forward to the finished project. Deb and I are both working on this version and it will definitely be available as a Cabin Fever Pattern by September.

Until next time, keep up the beat ---------

MommaBearKnits non-stop.

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