26 October, 2011

Still Knitting for Babies:

Yes I am!!!!

Latest Project on the needles:  Huggy Bear in Hot Pink, not Baby Pink.  Stock for the show:

And, I am still working on the Moosey Cardigan for Callum.  It takes concentration, so I am slowly getting past the Logos, then it will fly. 

It will look better when washed and blocked.

Artisans' Tour Coming Up Soon.

If interested click on it to enlarge the details.

24 October, 2011


The 18th Annual Christmas Artisans' Tour, in Oro Medonte is coming up fast --- November 18 & 19.  I have to get my stock ready.  I knit right up to the night before and even during the show.  I just finished another Huggy Bear Cardigan, one of many in my stock, and am working on the matching hat.  I still have a lot of buttons to sew on and then I will haul out my projects growing since last year's show and get them ready to go.  A lot of work but I love it.

The colour doesn't show well in the Photo, but it is a nice Cherry Tweed, size 3 Months.
Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK

Matching hat almost finished.

19 October, 2011

Well, the KAL started as planned.  Then I got distracted by a back problem that affected my Daughter Dawn in Ottawa.  I started the KAL and then drove to Ottawa (5 1/2 hr drive from home) and spent a few days with her as she was in a lot of pain.  I arrived back Monday, finished up my KAL project.  There are others in my group still working on Bernardo and we are back on line with the comments and progress pictures.

Size 1 year - Bernardo and Hat
Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed

11 October, 2011

Callum in the Fall Coloured Leaves

Today I received a picture of Callum enjoying the fall coloured leaves, wearing Bernardo cardigan and hat.

He is soooooooo cute, Luv him:

Words Cannot match the pictures, he is handsome
In this case the pictures really are worth a 1,000,000 words.

03 October, 2011

KAL on Ravelry

On Tuesday October 11 I will begin a Bernardo KAL on Ravelry.  Members of my Ravelry Group ``Knitting for Babies`` are participating.  If you are interested in participating as well, I will post the progress here and will be available for help.   I have my yarn and needles ready to go.  Count down to October 11 has begun.

Denim Blue, my fav.
MommaBearKnits and she KAL's too.

Callum's Cardigan Progress Report

I guess a picture is worth a thousand words.  How many words are three pictures worth. 
Yoke is complete, Front View
Back view of yoke
This is my plan, Callum's Moose Cardigan
It will be in a one year old size, Callum is a big baby so hopefully it will fit him with the sleeve cuffs rolled up by late November and in the spring.  

I am ready to start the body pattern now.  This is not really my style of knitting, but once in a while I go off in another direction.  I guess I said that before-------  MommaBearKnits and she watches out for Moose as well as Bears when she is walking the Ruster Cruster after all there was a Moose spotted, tranquilized and relocated just this past week in the City of Orillia, I live outside of the city soooooooo it could happen.  This design is in honour of my handsome model and his dad Marty.

-- MBK

02 October, 2011

Progress, this will never be a pattern

No this will never be one of my patterns, fairly easy to knit, very difficult to write, not sure if the pattern would be easy to read:

Step 1.  There will be evergreen trees in the yoke.
I am using Eucalan Easy Bobs.  I purchased them many years ago, never used them until now.  They work well but this is not my usual style.  The yoke pattern will be a circle of evergreen trees.  Not totally sure what the body will be yet, keep in touch.   MommaBearKnits.

01 October, 2011

New Project

As always I am knitting and designing.  I have the Toddler, Hoodie ready to go, just need to get some good photos and it will be posted on Patternfish.

I decided to publish a Basic Newborn - 3 Yrs Cardigan.  I have worked out short rows to make the neckline a better shape while still knitting top down and no sew.  It is a plain basic cardigan.  I expect that some experienced knitters will add their own border pattern or even a logo.

Basic Cardigan, lots of options to be creative, still need buttons
I have started a Cardigan that will be a gift to my Prize Model Callum.  It will be a one of a kind and will be in honour of our Canadian Great Outdoors.  I will post the progress as it develops, I am still planning it as I go. 

So far I have the yarn, basic pattern & stitch numbers, logos on spreadsheets, etc.  I even have the buttons selected, Green Trees.

It will be Oatmeal, Walnut & Emerald
Who knows, as I progress there may be more colours, I have lots to choose from in my stash.