26 March, 2010

Took a little different path --- Baby Compass is still on the Table

Today I responded to a request by a photographer that is interested in doing some Portrait Photos of newborns.  She was looking to locate a local knitter that would knit newborn hats and other items for her portraits.  That idea appealed to me as a photo can have some very different designs than the hat that the baby wears every day.  She asked me to visit some web sites to see what is out there for ideas.  I did and then I knit my first sample for her consideration. 

We are going to meet up with each other in about a week.  By then I hope to have a couple more on the needles.  The main part of this hat is garterstitch and the trim is crocheted.  Had fun doing it, I expect that she will want more colour but I am just beginning.  It will be a challenge.   

In the meantime I am still knitting the second sample of Baby Compass and working on the edits.

Mommabearknits ----

24 March, 2010


Size 12 Months, knitting done, just need to block and sew on buttons.  I am working on size 3 Months and will likely finish one more size before I go to my pattern checker.  Lots and lots of editing will take place first.  When that is done, I think I will move right on to a toddler version.  "Baby Compass" is in DK.  I think  "Toddler"  will be in Worsted Weight.  Better to go on now while it is still in my brain.  All my samples, and more,  will be displayed for sale at the November Oro Medonte Christmas Tour.  I need stock for my booth, so, why not knit plenty of sizes in order to double, triple, check the patterns.
MommaBearKnits -----

23 March, 2010

Baby Compass is coming along nicely.  I have already started another in a different size as I am pretty careful with the #'s.  I want them to work for all 5 sizes.  After reading Brenda's comments I suspect that I will move on to toddler, child, and perhaps even adult versions in the future.  I am sure I will be poked and prodded do that.

I am working on Section #8.  It is shown on the schematic in three sections but is worked back and forth around all three at the same time.  I am almost done and I am pleased to be able to hang it up now, it looks more like a sweater.  I am showing the back and front views.  Notice the sleeves, they will be joined under the arm with a 3-needle cast off.  Absolutely NO SEW project. 

In the meantime, my Cruster Ruster, relaxes on his pillow, on my couch, on my afghan watching me knit and patiently waiting for his next "W". 

I have to refer to it as "W" because if I say WALK out loud,  he goes nutty and will not let me rest until I take him out to "W".  Life is good, rain today, not so bad, we need moisture for the grass to grow.  All is good in Lake Country.

- MommaBearKnits

22 March, 2010

Compass Progress!

Section # 7 Done:

My Baby Compass is actually starting to look like a cardigan.

One more section to go. 
No need to ramble on - a picture is worth 1,000 words.

21 March, 2010

Progress Report

I have been working on the pattern big time.  Knitting, not so much-----

At first I was going to place individual schematics at the beginning of each section.  But, it was taking up too much space.  So I worked out a schematic for the entire project and it will be displayed at the beginning.  Hopefully it will be helpful.

I am currently working on Section 6.  I am on the home stretch. 
MommaBearKnits and Designs with vigor!

20 March, 2010

Baby Compass Progress Report

Section 4 Completed, and written down in Pattern Format.

Making good progress;  Baby Compass is on the way.
Long way to go and a good time to get there.
Writing patterns, not so much fun!
However, I do enjoy the challenge.

MommaBearKnits on into the night and early in the morning.
Please keep coming back as progress will be posted and hopefully no Frogging.

19 March, 2010

MommaBear is Back on Track

Over the past few days I have been knitting.  What else is new.  I finished a 6 month size cardigan/hat/socks and a toddler pullover.  Nothing really different, just knitting.  I am also knitting socks.  But, now that I am finished with the Teen Hoodie Pattern it is time to get back to "BABY COMPASS".  Below is a picture of one of many that I knit and sold at the Nov 2009 Oro Medonte Christmas Tour.  It was a very popular sweater.  Now it is well on its way.  Mostly I am editing my written notes as I knit another sweater.

Baby Compass is a multidirectional pattern that needs schematics to help understand the written part.  Following is the schemantic for section 1 - 3.  That is as far as I am knitting my latest sample.

I am halfway down section 3.  Keep in touch, I will regularly post a progress report and will include schematics for each section as I go.  Hopefully it will soon be checked by my pattern checker and then will be photographed and submitted to http://www.patternfish.com/ .

I also made a logo for Baby Compass:
It will appear as part of the heading. 
As in the past, and in the future, MommaBear will knit knit knit.

08 March, 2010

Good Bye MommaBear:
Hello Deb:  A-Line Test Knit done.

07 March, 2010



Coming along, it will be done by suppertime, then I can start another.   I already have new ideas to work out.  OH!, I forgot; I have to go back to "Baby Compass" or perhaps "Samorell"  Or both.
MommaBearKnits on and on --------

06 March, 2010


Pictures can say a lot of words.
Back of Yoke.

Front of Yoke almost done

Starting the colour pattern.

Making good progress ------

Keep in touch, I am almost done the body and will start the sleeves before going to bed tonight. 

05 March, 2010

Finished one project - starting another!

I love Multidirectional Knitting and Garter Stitch.  Soooooo I am going to knit a toddler pullover using my favourite things.  First of all I like to work a neckband that has very flexible give.  So I use a Provisional Cast On using the Crochet Chain Method.  That means that there is no tight cast-on edge to make dressing your little one uncomfortable and it is possible to work a smaller neckband as it is much more stretchy.  I am not sure just what the final sweater will look like but I do intend it to be Canadian in colour and design. 
Today I started and each day I will post my progress.  The first step is the neckband, and then I  fold it over and knit one stitch from each needle together to create a double neckband

Next I worked the back neck section.

Next step is the side of the neck and the shoulder section.

I will be working on this project tonight and for the next few days.  I will post my progress every day and hopefully It will be an interesting journey. 
Come back often, and check it out. 

04 March, 2010

Done!!!! Finished!!!!!

I have finished the test knit.  Deb has it all on her plate now.
I am looking forward to starting something else. 
I think it is time for me to get back to "Baby Compass".

This was the first day of the test knit:
Cup of Tea, Pattern, Lamp, Lazy Boy Chair, Needles, and String

This is the end of the Test Knit
A beautiful sun drenched day in March, In Canada, Spring is on the way. 
A-Line is hanging out in the fresh air on my clothes line and I went out in my sock feet to photo it. 
Awesome, Spring is coming.
MommaBearKnits on and on!!!!!