23 March, 2010

Baby Compass is coming along nicely.  I have already started another in a different size as I am pretty careful with the #'s.  I want them to work for all 5 sizes.  After reading Brenda's comments I suspect that I will move on to toddler, child, and perhaps even adult versions in the future.  I am sure I will be poked and prodded do that.

I am working on Section #8.  It is shown on the schematic in three sections but is worked back and forth around all three at the same time.  I am almost done and I am pleased to be able to hang it up now, it looks more like a sweater.  I am showing the back and front views.  Notice the sleeves, they will be joined under the arm with a 3-needle cast off.  Absolutely NO SEW project. 

In the meantime, my Cruster Ruster, relaxes on his pillow, on my couch, on my afghan watching me knit and patiently waiting for his next "W". 

I have to refer to it as "W" because if I say WALK out loud,  he goes nutty and will not let me rest until I take him out to "W".  Life is good, rain today, not so bad, we need moisture for the grass to grow.  All is good in Lake Country.

- MommaBearKnits

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