29 May, 2010

Finished the Revised Hoodie Bear Pattern

Hoodie Bear is updated and will soon be posted on Patternfish replacing the current version.  There are no changes in the pattern construction or the #'s;  just a few clarifications of the written instructions and I have added a hat and a schematic. (below)

Now MommaBear will get back to Huggy Bear.  

Photo Op for Hoodie Bear

As I posted last time, I am re-knitting my samples for Hoodie Bear and Huggy Bear.  Hoodie Bear and the Collared Version is complete and ready to be uploaded onto the pattern.

And I am almost 1/2 way with the first new sample of Huggy Bear.  I think I will do the Yellow one as a baby girl's "HUG" and then I will knit a boyish colour for a baby boy's "HUG"

It is a beautiful day in Orillia, so I can knit out under the Gazebo.  How good is that?  Besides, I am all alone for the weekend.  I can knit all day with only the Ruster Cruster to distract me, and believe me he does distract me, but I love him anyway.
MommaBearKnits and she Designs.

23 May, 2010

Still working on new Samples for Hoodie Bear.  The pattern won't change, just the pictures.  There is an option in the pattern that is the same cardigan worked with a collar instead of a hood.  So, two in one, that can't be all bad. 
MommaBearKnits and Designs for her beloved Cubby Bears.

20 May, 2010

Feeling Kind of Lost

I have been loving my Baby Compass way too long and now I am missing my Baby.  I am feeling a little distracted so I have decided to re-work my Huggy Bear and Hoodie Bear samples in Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK for new pictures and an update of the patterns in preparation for an upcoming designers' group that will be in the works, soon.  In the meantime there are lots of ideas in my brain, fighting to get out.   Last night I started Hoodie Bear and I will likely start Huggy Bear and work on both of them over the next week or so.  As everyone knows ---- MommaBearKnits and she Designs.

19 May, 2010

Ready to go

Final Picture Selection is done.  Will post the pattern to patternfish today.
MommaBearKnits and Designs

18 May, 2010

Still not totally done with picture sellection but here is a preview.  It will definitely be out there by tomorrow evening with the final picture(s) displayed.  I just couldn't wait to show off my precious "Baby Compass". 
MommaBearKnits and she Designs Too.

Butterscotch, you Devil

So Butterscotch couldn't wait for me to finish the photo op.   He is cute though.

Photo Op Day!

My name is Butterscotch and I approve this pattern.  It has been a long time since MommaBear let me express my opinion on her knitting.  I love Baby Compass, not so sure I want to be seen in public in a pink cardigan, but I am happy with the design.  Go for it MommaBear.  She is taking more pictures later today, and then you can check out the pattern on http://www.patternfish.com/ . I believe it will be posted for sale no later than Friday, perhaps even before that.

I took over the computer today, it is my turn to shine - Keep on Designing MommaBear -
Luv Ya - Butterscotch

16 May, 2010

Home Stretch!!!!!

Seven Samples have been completed.  One in every size and a couple in the middle sizes.  I like to work all sizes to confirm the #'s; besides I like to knit.

Who would have thought that the drawing above would become a fabulous journey in all directions and then return home again. 

Just one more to finish.  This one is size 18 months.  It will done later today and then I have to get my pattern checked one more time for typos, poor sentence structure, pictures taken, and then off to http://www.patternfish.com/ . I did not make my May 10/10 goal but it won't be long now.

There will also be a hat included in the pattern. 
Keep on Knitting, If I keep it up I will have to keep on Trucking to contain my stock.

MommaBearKnits in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, North America  

01 May, 2010

Progress: For the Compass

Well, I have sent the pattern off to Deb for her comments.  I am always sad when my patterns are out there, they no longer are my babies.  I am still working on the samples.  When I am totally finished Baby Compass will appear on Patternfish.  http://www.patternfish.com/

I am now on the southern route to homeland. Then I will work at least one more sample in Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK for the photo op.  I also have a red one on the same southern route in
Patons True North DK.
See the hat below in Red, also in True North DK.

The pattern will include the hat as well.  So I will have to knit it in the Denim, Oh Dear, what a task!!!

Above is a picture of the underarm, that will be closed with a three needle cast off and the end of the yarn used for the cast off will also be used to close any gap that appears at the underarm.  Then it will be done.

Above is the finished sleeve.   As you can see, in the cardigan picture at the beginning of posting, one sleeve is finished and the other one is not.   

Keep in Touch, Baby Compass will be out there real soon!!!!!!