30 June, 2009

Question Answered

Katrina: You asked about Baby Compass and Baby "J". Baby Compass will not be in Garter Stitch. I just did that for the mauve one because I wanted to try it just to see how it looks. My several samples of Baby Compass are worked in an alternating Garter Stitch/Seed Stitch pattern and that is what I want for the final project.

The multidirectional construction of the two patterns are quite different even though I realize the picture of the last project looks very similar. Baby "J" is worked sideways from centre front panels and Baby Compass is worked down from the centre sleeve panel. I know that is a simple explanation but that is it in a nutshell.

I am now off on a little break, I took out some stash yarn and am working on baby/toddler socks just for the fun of it. Until my next post, Happy Canada Day to my Canadian Visitors and Happy July 4 to my American Visitors.

29 June, 2009


Picture shows it all. Garter Stitch version of Baby Compass.

MommaBearKnits on into the future, no problem with summer heat, just keep playing with the sticks and string.

25 June, 2009

No Post Just Answers to Comments

Thanks again Katrina, you are a boost. The socks are strictly out of my head passed down from my mom out of her head. I rarely use a sock pattern, I just cast on---turn the heel--- knit the foot and decrease the toe depending on the size I want and the weight of yarn. I really prefer fingering but a lot of the baby ones are knit in DK just so they match the cardigan and also they serve as booties. As for the hats, the same thing applies, cast on multiple of 8 stitches to accommodate the 8 stitch decrease for the top and then try to work in a pattern that is divisable by 2, 4, & 8. Sometimes I add a stitch or subtract one to accomodate the seed stitch. The blue one that you commented on is in a twisted stitch which, you are right, was used in the book Kid's Knitted Sweater Book. Deb and Lynda have an awesome hat book out that will make any hat you want knittable. I am still knitting and just today started a pair of baby socks from left over momma sock yarn. Of course I am working on a self patterning DK Huggy Bear; the same only different than my pattern. Come back, I will have more pictures.
MommaBear sits in front of a large fan and knits in this heat. Nothing can stop her from her sticks and string.

23 June, 2009

Current Project and Blocking Inventory

Today I washed and blocked more of my stock. I had to use my dining table inside, and outside and even the lawn chairs. Twenty Eight garments and hats and even some baby socks.

Baby and toddler cardigans, hoodies & pullovers.

This pile is in the gazebo.

This is my current project. It is done in worsted weight yarn with the numbers from "Baby Compass". I expect that it will be a size 2-3 when complete. Instead of the textured pattern, I just used garter stitch. I have loved garter stitch for a long time and keep going back to it. Remember Baby "J". This one is similar but not the same. Back to my sticks and string. MommaBearKnits.
This is Baby Compass (one of many) that I just completed. It is also in worsted but the numbers are for a smaller size. (Size 12-18 months.)

18 June, 2009

Daily Grind

Ready to be stored until a craft sale becomes available. That is just the start. I have many many more.
Last night was a good knitting night, finished the cardi and will do the part I really don't enjoy ----- yarn ends worked in and buttons sewn on. Sometime the most difficult is finding buttons that grab me and say, "I am the button that will make this cardi shine."
I guess tonight I will start another-----------

17 June, 2009

Just Keeping in Touch

Today I decided that I better organize my stock of knitted garments. This fall I hope to participate in local craft shows and perhaps even the farmer's market. Even I am surprised, it is unbelievable just how many items I have knit including designer samples and the feeding of my addiction to the sticks and string. On the table are a very small portion of the ones that I rinsed and blocked today, believe me VERY SMALL portion. I also got another pile ready for blocking when these ones are dry I will take inventory and just see what I have. I am mainly into baby garments lately but I am now reaching out the toddlers and even tweens.
Oh yeah, I am working on another multidirectional cardigan. This pattern is being written as well. I believe it will be called BabyCompass or something similar that will draw attention to the South, East, West direction that it is knit. Oh, I am still into socks, socks, socks.
I also want to thank Gigi and Katrina for their compliments. Katrina, as yet the cabled pullover is not being written but who knows, maybe soon. I will keep my patterns posted. OK, busy morning, now I will sit down and KNIT the day away.

12 June, 2009

One more down and many more to come - - - - -

As promised earlier today, here it is. Now back to my sticks and string.

MommaBear cannot stop, she is addicted. At least this addiction will benefit the little ones in the world.

Finished and Satisfied

This sample is knit in superwash 100% wool, worsted weight. Machine wash and dry. What could be easier for a busy mom. The #'s were worked for a size 1, but with the tight cable all- over pattern I am sure it would fit from a 9 month to 18 months, no problem. The cable has a great deal of give so would be comfortable to wear and very very warm. I know it is summer and warm is not a necessary thing right now, but, it is Canada you know and winter will come again. I have also just finished a pullover baby sweater with cables down each raglan line and on the cuffs. Picture will follow very soon, I just have to end the threads and sew on a couple of buttons. Oh, I am also 3/4's of the way on a toddler cardigan with a more gradual front neckline. That will be done this weekend. MommaBearKnits on and on and she loves it.

Oh, right, I have to sit down and write it all down, right? Too many rights (writes) in that sentence!!!

Bye for now.

07 June, 2009


The frog squad has been sent away. I like this one, just have to finish the right sleeve and hopefully some cute little one year old will be happy to have it, I guess it will be a baby that will be a year old in the fall as this is in worsted weight superwash wool. Warm and easy to care for, what else could be nicer. I guess I should finish my other baby project as well and then start writing ----------
Rainy day in the Sunshine City----- no problem the grass will grow and the flowers will bloom. Oh yeah, the cutting of the grass and weeding will be a chore that cannot be ignored. Less time for knitting. MommaBear can work that out, knitting is a priority, right!

06 June, 2009

Final Version---- Hopefully

Yes, the Frog Squad had to return. I finished the body and started working on the sleeve. I tried really hard to accept the sleeve depth but NOT!!!! At least this time I did not have to rework the neckband. Today's pictures do not show the cable pattern very well, but I feel that a patterned back panel is necessary to fit in with the dropped front neckline and the raglan shaping. This one has cables all over the body and sleeves, looks cute, but not easy to write up as it would require charting or writing many many rows for the increases. I will likely go with a cable panel down the centre front and back and the centre sleeve, maybe just a 6/2 rib for the rest or just plain.

This time I increased the stitches on the front and the back to offset the tight cables and I left the sleeve numbers as is, so that the sleeve stitches would not increase too much. This may never be a pattern, at least not with the cables, as the increases would would not work in well with the 5 sizes that I have in mind. Perhaps I can work it with just sizes 2 (4, 6, 8); time will tell. I think the neckband #'s could be the same for size 2 & 4 and increased for sizes 6 & 8 but size 1 would be a stretch. Keep on checking, I hope no more FROG SQUAD.
MommaBearKnits on and on and on ----

02 June, 2009


Progess report on the second try. This one is a size 1 (generous size) and is just a basic pullover. When I am happy with the basic then I will let my creativety take over. I am not sure if the sleeves are a little deep but that will be more evident when I finish. Little ones are better with deep sleeves but I will have to see how the larger sizes work. That won't be a big deal to tweek the numbers. I have hidden that bad bad odd ball deep in the land of stash. It will come in handy for my scrap hats or even mittens but until then it will not see the light of day.
Just for the fun of it, click on the patternfish link at the top of the sidebar, it will display my designs and my Friends of Cabin Fever designs that are available on line. I really must get back to my Baby ??? pattern and then I have another variation of Sam's Delight that I may write up and of course this red pullover. What I need is a ghost writer, so that all I do is knit.
Until the next posting, MOMMABEARKNITS, boy does she ever. Retirement is good.

01 June, 2009

O O P S ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I goofed big time. I had reached the body of the pullover, was proud of how it looked, well I already had a change or two in my head for the next one, but!!!!

Background info----For a long time I had several balls of Cascade Superwash in my stash. Quite some time ago I started a project, changed my mind and re-wound a couple of balls, wrong! I was going through my many balls of yarn, found what I thought was another ball of Cascade and put it in the bag with the others. I worked the pullover down to the underarms, separated the body and sleeves and then joined a new ball. I worked a few rows, looked at it ---- oh no!!!!! Different dye lot. No!!!!! different yarn. The colour was so close and the weight of both yarns was worsted. I very rarely knit with this colour so didn't even notice. I guess it is these old retired eyes of mine.

So I called in the "Frog Squad" and frogged the night away.

Going, Going!
Going, Going!

The good news is, I started another one, smaller size though, and am already one row from the underarm. What is also a good thing, I am able to put in the changes that cropped up during the process. I have put away the wrong ball and pulled out the right yarn. I will finish the yoke and by the end of the day will post the improved version. Oh so much time wasted. The frogs were a big help and they promised to stand by for the next goof!!!!! Go away Frogs!!!!!!