12 June, 2009

Finished and Satisfied

This sample is knit in superwash 100% wool, worsted weight. Machine wash and dry. What could be easier for a busy mom. The #'s were worked for a size 1, but with the tight cable all- over pattern I am sure it would fit from a 9 month to 18 months, no problem. The cable has a great deal of give so would be comfortable to wear and very very warm. I know it is summer and warm is not a necessary thing right now, but, it is Canada you know and winter will come again. I have also just finished a pullover baby sweater with cables down each raglan line and on the cuffs. Picture will follow very soon, I just have to end the threads and sew on a couple of buttons. Oh, I am also 3/4's of the way on a toddler cardigan with a more gradual front neckline. That will be done this weekend. MommaBearKnits on and on and she loves it.

Oh, right, I have to sit down and write it all down, right? Too many rights (writes) in that sentence!!!

Bye for now.

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