29 May, 2009

Progress Update

So far, so good. This sample will be a size 2 or 4 (not sure yet, the beginning #'s are the same.) It will depend on how soon I want to start something else. Keep in touch, progress report will appear again tomorrow.
Front view above, neckline looks like it will work ok.

View from the top.

I assure you, MommaBear will keep on knitting each and every day of the year.

28 May, 2009

Long Time No Posting!

I have not been posting but I sure have been knitting. I am working to build up my already plentiful stock of knitted garments (mostly babies, some toddlers). As you may have figured out when I design I knit many samples, different sizes, different colours, yarns, and especially variations of the basic do-the-numbers patterns. Some have been published by Cabin Fever and now that I am retired I have produced two of my own and offered them for sale on www.patternfish.com/shop; see pictures and the link to the left of my post. I am still working on the latest Baby ???? multidirectional pattern (no name yet), two pairs of socks and my special gift shawl. It is coming alone but I would have to take it off the needles to photo it. And of course there is quite a pile of UFO's waiting patiently.

So, Surprise, I have started another project, what else is new. It will be a top down raglan, no sew pullover. This one, hopefully will have a better neckline with the front dropped down below the back without all those short rows. The short rows are great but, I have to be different. I will post my progress. I have done the #'s (they will need some tweeking, but thank goodness for spreadsheets, I love them for the math). This one will be size 1 - 8 years as pullovers are not really practical for infants.

The first step is the neckband.

I will likely have the next picture very very soon. Come back and check it out.

Until next time MommaBearKnits

14 May, 2009

Love Your Acorn and a Big Oak Tree Will Grow

There is not much to say except the acorn project is finished and ready to go to it's new home. Hope the new Mom and Dad will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the original design process. MommaBearKnits and loves to be different. All you knitting kooks out there, keep on picking up the sticks and playing with the string, knitting is a great hobby.

06 May, 2009

Acorns and Shawls - how weird is that?

First the update for the shawl. I have finished the centre and begun the inner border. The border has 262 stitches on the needle to begin the border and will end with 370 stitches. Then the lace edging begins. I cannot take a picture of 262 stitches on a relatively short circular needle, I know I should put the stitches on a string but whatever, maybe next time when I post. I will have to go to my LYS and see just how long a circular needle is available. The stitches are getting crowded and I am afraid of them slipping off. For the time being I will put the shawl away and work on the many other projects that are on my plate. Socks, Socks, Baby Jackets, and of course my next pattern.

In the meantime, I was asked about an acorn baby hat for a gift. As you may know, I cannot stop at just a hat soooooooooo this is what I have come up with.

The colour is a little off as the jacket and socks are still wet and the hat is not. I will place a couple of leafs somewhere on the jacket, any suggestions where to place them? I also am still looking for acorn buttons or if not then perhaps a leaf button. Again, any suggestions?

Apparently the acorn has some sort of sentimental connection between a sister and a brother. The brother's wife is expecting a baby in August and the sister wants to gift him and his wife with an acorn. I think that is nice and I am happy to accommodate. I searched the web and my many books and did not find an acorn pattern anywhere. Perhaps soon there will be one, you never know!!!!!

Until next time MommaBearKnits and she also designs. She is having a great retirement too! Life is good in Ontario Canada and summer is coming on. So are the black flies and mosquitos, oh well, that is the way it has always been and hopefully will still be.