31 December, 2010

27 December, 2010

Move Over Rusty, I'm Back

Yes, Christmas was great, It's over, keep on knitting.  I actually did not stop even on Christmas Day.  I don't know how I could handle a day without sticks and string.
Progress Report: 
The pullover is coming along great
Actually I am still working on the left sleeve but I am happy with the outcome and cannot wait to start on the pullover vest.  Keep watching, I am knitting.
Socks and double wool mittens are finished.

Of Course, I started a hat

The story behind this one is that I started a scarf that was knit in the round on 4 double pointed needles in heavy yarn.  The total stitches were only 48.  I had some worsted weight so I put on 60 sts. on circular needles and worked the 12 st repeat, I loved the look of it so I also started a hat with 96 sts on the needle.

Here is the scarf
This pattern is free on line so it will only be for me and/or mine, not a new MommaBearPattern.  I can not resist changing patterns just because I can.

MommaBearKnits each and every day.

25 December, 2010

Help Me, Rusty Took Over My Computer

Oh Well, Rusty is really into Christmas

24 December, 2010

17 December, 2010

I am still knitting, what else is new? 

Navy socks on the sticks, white ones in the laundry.

Another pair of double mittens on the sticks.  These ones are 100% Superwash Wool.  Wool for warmth and the Superwash for laundry day.  How good is that.

Pullover Progress - the white dots are snow, what else is new?
 I was working on the body of the pullover, lot of knitting, and then I couldn't resist working one sleeve just to see how it works.  I am happy with the progress, the yarn, and the size.  It will fit me!!!!!!!

Back to the sticks and string, I am even doing washcloths, trying to use up my stash. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good knit. 

Comments:  Thanks for the comments Deb and Brenda.  I like the sock book but I have to say, I have been using the calculations since my days as a little girl, knitting with my mom.  I agree with the percentages, and I use them all the time.  Glad you put it in writing for all the knitters out there.

11 December, 2010

Finding Frog Pond in Winter is not easy!

Adult Compass has been frogged.  I did not like the colour effect of the yarn.  I will purchase some plain shade and will get it back on the sticks A.S.A.P.

I am still working on the socks and the Man's Pullover.  MommaBearKnits non-stop as you all know.

09 December, 2010

I have been knitting even though I have not posted lately.  A few new directions (refer to Compass).  I have not been happy with the way the colours work out with the yarn I am using.  The colour balance is way off.  I like this yarn (Fusion), it feels real soft when knit,  but not for Compass.  I used it because the gauge was correct and the supply in the stash was ample.  Now it is heading for the Frog Pond.  I  will not give-up Compass for Adults that easy, I just have to purchase some plain coloured yarn.  No Problem.

Don't worry Fusion, you will rise again.

I have recently finished another pair of socks.  These are mine.

A pair of reversible mittens.  No Pattern, just warm mitts for me.
Another pair of socks on the sticks, not sure for who.
 Now the other project that I have on my plate is a man's pullover with a pullover vest, knit in 100% wool, warm enough for late fall days and early spring days.  When it is a little warmer just the pullover or just the vest over a long sleeved shirt will work too.  So far just the pullover is on the sticks but I like it a lot, as I have one that I knit years ago and I still receive compliments on it and I wear it all winter as a jacket with my jeans.

Of course it is multi-directional and no-sew.  I am working on the body now, next will be the sleeves, and then the vest.  When the knitting is done, just put it on and go outside, you will be warm.   This pullover and vest is also good for outdoor ladies too.  Next I will get Compass going as well, I have most of the pattern finished, just have to work a sample. 


25 November, 2010

Progress Report!

A lot of Knitting for an Adult size
This sample is knit in a multicoloured worsted weight yarn that was resting in my stash.  The actual photo samples will likely be in a solid colour, as the textured pattern is nicer in one colour.  I am just using up my stash to do the #'s and then a final one will be worked.  There are a few glitches for a larger size.  The armhole depth and the buttonhole placements are taking a little more calculations than the Baby/Child version did.  I am working it out and it will happen. ------ Mommabearknits and she enjoys working the numbers.  Keep watching, it will happen soon.    OH YEAH, I cannot resist the ideas that pop up in my dreams.  I am already thinking about the very warm Pullover with a Vest over it.  They will be first on my spread sheet and then on my needles.  I thing I will work it in Briggs & Little 100% wool.  That way it truly will be very warm to wear even in the middle of winter. 


21 November, 2010


Just for Fun - More Egg Cozies

Serious Knitting - Adult version of Compass
I am still playing with the cozies but my focus now is really on finishing the Compass Pattern.  Adult versions are a lot of work to get the samples done.  The first sample will fit me.  Like I need another knitted cardigan.  The first pattern I started got ribbitted because I decided to do more sizes and to juggle the numbers a bit.  To Photograph this one, it requires a bit of cuddling up or the picture would be way to wide and not very high.  The sleeve panel is very long.   First there was just 5 but now there will be seven sizes  (Small to 4X).  Keep on checking, MommaBearKnits still.  
-MommaBearKnits too.

18 November, 2010

Yes, I Have Started To Do The #'s

Section 1 complete, Section 2  on the needles
Not much else to say, except that the Adult Compass will soon be out there.  I am using worsted weight yarn.   Keep checking in ------- MommaBearKnits

16 November, 2010

Little Change of Pace

While I was at the Art and Craft Tour in Oro Medonte I was asked if I had ever knit Egg Cozies.  So I have now knit Egg Cozies.  A local resident loaned me a couple of cozies that she had had for a very long time.  She was interested in getting some.  I took hers home with me and hauled out some left-over yarn.  So far, this is what I have done.  I am now starting a more colourful cozy, Red and White and maybe Navy too.

And Yes - The Eggs have been boiled.

15 November, 2010

The Journey Began

Thursday Afternoon we set up for the show at Shanty Bay

Pictures tell it all, no need to ramble.

You may notice the notes all over the walls.   The St. Thomas Church members have written memories all over the walls inside the hall.  Later this year they are going to begin a renovation which will include a new insulated inner wall.  These memories will be under the new wall for all eternity.  What a great idea!

I had a wonderful show, sold lot's of merchandise, met some wonderful people and was too busy to take any more pictures.  Old friends, new friends and great ideas ---- what could be more enjoyable.  The weather was awesome and the church ladies put on a wonderful lunch.  Once a year I get to drink my coffee and/or tea from a cup and saucer.   Oh yeah! I guess I have to get back on track, November 2011 is just around the corner. 

First I am going to write the adulf version of the Compass pattern, finish the Miss Emilee and then I have an idea for an adult sweater and vest.  I have one that I knit several years ago and I still get compliments and questions about the style when I wear it today.  Keep checking in I will be expanding on the concept of a pullover with a vest.

Until next time ---- MommaBearKnits

07 November, 2010

Getting Closer to the Art and Craft Tour

I have been working on pricing and tagging my stock for the show.  Lot's of work, but neccessary.  The show starts Friday morning at 9 am.   Looking forward to a great show. 

Today I just piled them all up on my dining table.  Lot's of stock, ready to go.
Another angle Lots of stock!

Getting it ready to go.
This pile (above) still needs to be washed and priced.  I am still knitting too.  What else is new!!

Ready to load up with most of it.  Looking forward to a great show!!!!!!!

03 November, 2010

Getting Down to the Wire!!!!

I am very busy getting ready for the Oro Medonte Craft and Art Show.

Tagging the last of the items and ending the tails on the last few is happening as we speak.  Well, at least it was, until I started typing this post.  I am ready to go -------  almost!!!!

Today I am finishing up the sale tags for my socks.  I have my dining table totally covered with sizes 3 months to Men's Medium.  That is a lot of knitting.  I am addicted to socks I am afraid. 

I will post pictures of the other categories as I pack them away for the trip to Shanty Bay.

MommaBearKnits, what else is new?

07 October, 2010

Not Forgotten - I'M BACK

Coming up real soon (November 12 and 13) is the 17th Annual Christmas Art & Craft Tour in Oro Medonte .  Once again, I am planning to participate and offer my projects for sale, they really want to be wrapped around your beautiful babies, grand babies, neices, nephews and just babies, babies and more babies.

Once again it will be held at four locations. It is a great tour for Christmas Shopping and just to enjoy the tour itself and stop for lunch as well.

In the followiing weeks, I will be updating my stock list and posting pictures, pictures, and more pictures.

- remember ----- MommaBearKnits too.

15 September, 2010


I am working on my latest idea.

Multidirectional Toddler Pullover
My passion is being fed:  Multidirectional; Garterstitch; Cables; No-Sew Knitting; Toddler Sweater; These are a few of my favourite things ------ Ta! Da!   MommaBear is still knitting.

Oh yes another of my favourite things is visitors to my back yard ----

Wild Turkeys
- Mommabearknits

14 September, 2010

Still Knitting and Designing

Just a Plain Test Knit
As usual, I am moving once again in all directions.  I just cannot seem to concentrate on one project at a time.  While I am still working on Miss Emilee, I have an idea in my head that just jumped out, without any warning.   I have always preferred fingering weight yarn for baby garments (from my mommy knitting days) but found that they are a lot of work.  I couldn't resist any longer.  I cast on the stitches and am working a small size plain cardigan, just to get the numbers down.  Then onward and upward (or downward in this case).  I will insert some patterns and then I will have a baby set (Cardigan/Hat/Socks) in size 0-18 months.  

Miss Emilee is coming along nicely, I have even bought her buttons.  She will be done soon as she is knit in DK weight and I have lots of stitch numbers for this one.  Just have to work out the lace pattern for all the sizes and button placements.
Because I am addicted to multidirectional knitting, I could not resist.  This one is a child size in Worsted.  I  so enjoyed designing  my Teens & Tweens (Cabin Fever) Cabled Hoodie that I wanted to do something with a panel down the centre back and front again.  Sooooooo I started a child pullover.  I started at the neck and worked down the back and down the front.  While working out the numbers I realized that this could be any size and any weight of yarn.  Also, any pattern down the centre back and centre front would work as long as it fit into the number of stitches, then it will be easy to work the same pattern down the top of the sleeves.  It could be Lace, Cables, Knit and Purl or a combination of two or even more if you where creative, what knitter is not creative. 
In order to make a particular size, in any weight of yarn, it would only be important to work out the guage for the neckline.  Play around a bit with the numbers to make the ribbing work and then it is easy.  I might just do a KAL and a DAL (Design A-long) when I get the pattern finished.  Is there such a thing as a DAL, not sure but I just may try it.  
----- MommaBearKnits

08 September, 2010

KAL is finished

The Compass KAL is complete.  Later today I will make one last post for the KAL.  I will do this again, I enjoyed it very much.  The last post will have all the schematics in order.  Hopefully it will be visited if anyone has a problem with the placement of the sections.  I could not include the detailed schematics on the pattern as it would make the pattern too long.  Already it is 6 pages.  With the schematics for each section it would be at least two or more pages longer, that is too cumbersome. 

Here is my finished project:

I sewed a couple of flower buttons on the hat, just for a change.  It would work with tiny flowers, ladybug or beads too. 

I also received a picture from Kim, one of the participants, I would love to see more pictures and/or comments from others.

MommaBearKnits -------

04 September, 2010

Knitting Along

Just so you know.  I am still knitting other things even though I am working on the KAL.

Baby Blanket
I have lots of yarn in my stash, some of it is not my favourite or not what I expected.  So, I decided not to let it just sit there, it must be useful for something.  Above is my first project (Stash Buster).  It is a self patterning DK weight yarn that does not do it for me.  I will not say the name of the yarn as I don't want to put a particular brand down when I know that others out there will think it is great.  We all have our wants and needs, right!   I am working a multidirectional baby blanket, in garterstitch.  It is knit double so the colours are all over the place.  It will keep a baby warm, that is all that is important, and my stash is reduced a little bit.

Next on my sticks is the Miss Emilee (below) pattern that I am working on.  This is the fourth sample, I think I have it down now and can move on to writing it.
Miss Emilee

Hoodie Pullover for my Stock

Above is a size 12 mos. pullover version of my hoodie pattern.  It has not been written but if you are experienced at all you can make any cardigan (or almost any) a pullover when you work no-sew knitting.

Socks of Course
And last but not least I am still working on socks.  Above is two pair; one is a man's size medium and the other is a man's small or a woman's medium.  I know the colours don't look like they match but they are all knit with the same colour yarn and they do match up better when actually viewed face to socks.   The yarn is Kroy Socks FX, Clover Colors. 

Guess What!  MommaBearKnits 

02 September, 2010

Last half of Journey

I have just posted Section 5 of the Baby/Junior Compass.  We are on the home stretch.  I must admit that I am enjoying the journey and the blog posts will remain if at any time a knitter has a question re: the Mulitidirectional Compass pattern.  It will also work if I get back on track and write an adult version.  I have been asked to use Worsted Weight Yarn for this one, then it will work as a cardigan and/or a jacket.  Keep watching, by the first snow fall, I expect I will have it written.  I am still working on my latest baby sweater.  It will be top down, no sew, with lace edge trim.  I am considering the name.  I think it will be called "Miss Emilee".   

Keep on Knitting, MommaBear will. 

31 August, 2010


Section 4 has just been posted.  4 more to go!!!! I am enjoying this process, hope you are too!


28 August, 2010

The Journey has Begun:

My name is Butterscotch, I wish to announce that the long awaited journey has begun.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!

It is cool in Lake Country this morning, a good day for knitting.  

25 August, 2010


I am beginning a second blog http://mommabearknits2kal.blogspot.com/ that will concentrate on the step by step completion of my patterns and other hints that I think will be read and valued. I will begin with a step by step instruction series of posts that can be considered a KAL if you wish to join me. The Compass Patterns will be the first of hopefully many.  Please visit, and if you have the pattern please work along with me. If you have any difficulty with the pattern whatsoever, I trust you will visit and follow the journey. I will welcome your questions, your pictures, and of course, your comments as well. Follow me, I will start a compass pattern Monday, August 30.   After you see the pattern in progress, and if you want to purchase it visit my patterns on Patternfish, using the link to the right of the posts. 

The start has been updated: 
MommabearKnits, what else is new? The KAL Blog that is what is new.

24 August, 2010

Guess What? Mommabear is still designing

I am working on the baby cardigan/hat/socks that I displayed a few days ago.  Some progress has been made.  I am working on my fourth sample, and two sizes so far.  I have decided that the pattern will only be one version with the diamond lace border.  I have also named her, yes this one will be designed  for a baby girl.  But don't worry, there will be a boy version to follow shortly, perhaps it will have a reverse stocking stitch pattern instead of the lace.  Originally I was going to include both options in the same pattern but with the name I have chosen, it will definitely be a girls design.
"Miss Emilee"
I usually make several samples, working out the final version, when designing and then I knit several of the sizes when the design is finished for the photo opp.  Mommabear keeps on knitting. 

18 August, 2010

Junior Compass is available on Patternfish

Is there anything more to say: I think not!!!