25 November, 2010

Progress Report!

A lot of Knitting for an Adult size
This sample is knit in a multicoloured worsted weight yarn that was resting in my stash.  The actual photo samples will likely be in a solid colour, as the textured pattern is nicer in one colour.  I am just using up my stash to do the #'s and then a final one will be worked.  There are a few glitches for a larger size.  The armhole depth and the buttonhole placements are taking a little more calculations than the Baby/Child version did.  I am working it out and it will happen. ------ Mommabearknits and she enjoys working the numbers.  Keep watching, it will happen soon.    OH YEAH, I cannot resist the ideas that pop up in my dreams.  I am already thinking about the very warm Pullover with a Vest over it.  They will be first on my spread sheet and then on my needles.  I thing I will work it in Briggs & Little 100% wool.  That way it truly will be very warm to wear even in the middle of winter. 


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