17 September, 2009

16th Annual Christmas Art & Craft Tour in Oro-Medonte

The show is coming up November 20-21, 2009.  This year there are 4 locations.  The show was born in the White House and grew to 3 Township Halls and this year, in addition to the three locations, there is an Art Show & Sale in the White House.  The White House location will be an Art Show & Sale only (628 Ridge Road East, Oro Medonte).  I will be located at St. Thomas' Church Hall in Shanty Bay along with other crafter's.  The other two locations are: Old Town Hall, Oro Fairgrounds and Oro Station Community Hall.  I have received many encouraging comments about the event from locals who have attended in the past.

I met with Buffi this afternoon, received brochures for distribution and discussed the tour as this is my very first experience participating in such a great event.  I came home and realized just how much I have to do to get ready.  I look forward to the show, big time.  I must get started tagging all the items, that is a lot more work than I expected.   For now my stock is just laying out in the spare room waiting to shine for me.  Trust me, what you see is only a small portion of the work I have completed over the last year.  Hope I am successful. 

 No matter what, MommaBear will continue to knit on into the night. 

14 September, 2009


I went to the Waterloo County Knitters' Fair with Deb on Saturday.  A whole day spent in the company of other knitters was great.  Of course Deb had to work in the Cabin Fever Booth, but I had the freedom to wander.  I did purchase yarn even though I have lots in my stash.  How can a knitting kook like me resist.  I met with friends that were also at the show as well as networked with others of similar interest.  You always learn something at an event like that.  It was a great show and the drive to Aurora with Deb was an opportunity to talk about, what else, but Knitting and Designing.  Then we joined the Aurora Guild and had a wonderful time on a school bus full of knitters from Aurora to the show.  The guild held draws for great prizes on the way to the show and of course Show-and-Tell on the way home.  Full Day!

JJ Jacket is done!!!! 

Now I am back at the keyboard, determined to get all the designs that are in my head on paper.  Baby Compass is my first project to finish.  It is multidirectional and after discussing the difficulty of writing, what is so easy to knit, with Deb; I am taking her advise and creating schematics for the sections.  It is time consuming but really will make the pattern easier to follow.

Above are sections 1-4 of 8 sections when complete.  Make any sense to anybody?  Trust me it will.  I am back in the saddle and loving it. 
- MommaBearKnits on into tomorrow

06 September, 2009

Break from the usual -- FABULOUS WEDDING

The bride danced with her grandson - beauty & handsome couple, even if they are a couple of generations apart.
The groom danced with his new step grand daughter. Is she a beauty or what!!! - & he is a handsome groom.

The bride's son gave her away, oh my, tears in my eyes.

What a fabulous event. The minister was wonderful, fabulous ceremony filled with laughter and love. Wow what a weekend.

No comment here, what more can you say about the most beautiful bride's grand daughters.
P.S. Jada (my inspiration for Baby J) on the left and Sophia (Sophia's Ridged Cardigan inspiration) on the right.
The groom on the right and his best man (first born son) on the left.

We had a fabulous wedding weekend, so wonderful for two of the most loving seniors on the planet. Great party.
Oh, yeah, the bride is the recipient of my knitted shawls.
Wow what a party!!!!!

01 September, 2009

"JJ" Jacket is Done!!!!

JJ was glad to get out of my hands and just chill out in a tree. I found her in the back yard, she looked so comfy I took a photo. I will miss you JJ when you go to the upcoming Knit Shows with Deb and Lynda.
Here she is just before she ran outside. The angle of the picture makes the sleeve look a little short but they fit me perfectly. Perhaps it is because the body of the jacket goes down to the hip, more like a coat. I am happy with the turnout of the finished project. Deb and I will critic our versions likely tomorrow at the shop. One good thing for my blog visitors, there will be no more JJ pictures, just a link to the pattern, hopefully soon, if Lynda decides to post it on Patternfish, otherwise it will be available at Cabin Fever.
- MommaBearKnits