01 September, 2009

"JJ" Jacket is Done!!!!

JJ was glad to get out of my hands and just chill out in a tree. I found her in the back yard, she looked so comfy I took a photo. I will miss you JJ when you go to the upcoming Knit Shows with Deb and Lynda.
Here she is just before she ran outside. The angle of the picture makes the sleeve look a little short but they fit me perfectly. Perhaps it is because the body of the jacket goes down to the hip, more like a coat. I am happy with the turnout of the finished project. Deb and I will critic our versions likely tomorrow at the shop. One good thing for my blog visitors, there will be no more JJ pictures, just a link to the pattern, hopefully soon, if Lynda decides to post it on Patternfish, otherwise it will be available at Cabin Fever.
- MommaBearKnits


  1. It's beautiful. I love the blue. I wish I had the patience to tackle a project like that. You do lovely, lovely, and fast work. It's too hot for much knitting of any kind yet - 100 F everyday yet.

  2. JJ up a tree. I love it. It looks great.

  3. I love it! It looks great! I have enjoyed "watching you knit it" Can not wait for the pattern! What will you knit next?