27 April, 2008


Butterscotch has been a great model for my designs and he approached me and asked if he could host a Goodbye Party for my latest pattern and denim sample, Baby Bear, who will be joining Cabin Fever in their V neck Cardigan Baby Book. His career will begin soon which will include, travel, admiration, photo shoots, and hopefully, he will end up warming the body of a very lucky little boy. The first arrival was Carmel, wearing one of MommaBear's designs in progress.

The rest of the guests also were outfitted in MommaBear Designs. The guest list included Butterscotch (host); Carmel; Chocolate; Vanilla; Mocha; and SnowFlake. It was a fun teddy bear's picnic and a good time was had by all.

Of course, saying goodbye to Baby Bear was a sad moment but the Teddys are all proud to be a part of the design process. Good Luck Baby Bear. Luv ya!
And as always----------

20 April, 2008

I Did It

The Little Man has left the nest, Deb, please be kind but be careful. I want to live up to your standards.

I am proud to be a Friend of Cabin Fever.


19 April, 2008

Baby V continues

Deb may have startitis, I understand completely.

But what do you call it when you stall just before the finish line? Perhaps it is similar to the "Empty Nest Syndrome". I always seem to have a mental block when it come to writing the last line; checking the numbers; and parting with my baby. But I have set myself a deadline. The knitting is done, no problem! The pattern is 90% written (or in this case re-written from Deb's great basic design); and now I have to part with it and leave myself exposed to the experts out there in "Knitting Never Never Land."

Oh well if I want to be one of the "Friends of Cabin Fever" the deed must be done. So ----- Deb, I promise on a stack of knitting books the following will happen. You will have my design no later than bedtime tomorrow night (Sunday, April 20, 2008).

Baby Bernie V is just hanging out until then and will be ready for the final test.

A Promise is a Promise ---- Right?
Mommabear is still knitting!
P. S. Do you see the ground? The snow is gone, the snow is gone, and I am wearing my summer garb. We survived another winter in Canada. We are strong, we are brave, we are Canadian!

13 April, 2008

Baby Bernie "V" approaching the finish line..........

Whew!!!!!! I think I have finished. I am working the final sample in Cabin Fever Denim Tweed, the pattern is being twigged as I knit each and every row. I will miss you Baby Bernie "V". By the next posting, you will be photographed, delivered to Deb, and will likely have a new name. I have some suggestions "Baby Bernie V", "Little Man", "Bernie", "Baby BBD", "Baby Bear", etc. etc. I will consult with the Cabin Fever Sisters before the final name is selected, and it may be something entirely different. As always I will give you up like a child leaving home for the first time. Will Miss you "Baby Bernie V".
Onward and Upward
------ MommaBearKnits and Designs------
------What's Next-------
-----Time will Tell------

12 April, 2008

Baby Bernie "V" continued ..........

...................... Collar Up!................

................Collar Down!...............

......................Collar all around!......................

I have not lost my mind, I am just trying to do the fine tuning on the design and trying to cut back on the text in the pattern. Deb, what do you think. And the rest of you, I would like your comments as well. Can I start the cable after the short rows?

Momma Bear Designs as well as Knits. Must go now an walk the dog, that will give me the opportunity to figure it out.

10 April, 2008

Baby Bernie"V"

Knitting of the sample is done, now I must sit at the computer, knit and write, re-write and re-write again. Then the pattern will go to Deb, who is really really possessed with doing it right so that all you knitters out there can enjoy yet another Cabin Fever No Sew pattern and knit with ease and enjoyment. And the best part is 'when you are done, you are done.' I hate sewing up projects after enjoying the knitting to the tenth degree.

I have been on holiday this week from my job that I do mainly so that I can build my stash, knit my face off and join my knitting friends in such spaces that the picture above reveals. This Tuesday, Deb and I travelled to Huntsville and spent time in Sheepstrings. We had the opportunity to see Designs in Progress by Karen and Dana, that was very interesting. It is amazing how the Friends of Cabin Fever are the same only different. Dana, Karen, Deb, and myself had a good day, I bought yarn and am now working on another pair of socks, what else is new.

Then we travelled back to Huntsville today (Thursday) joined Karen, Dana, Lynda and Deb for a great dinner, and then we joined Karen's Stitch and Bitch knitting networking session. Lynda displayed her Baby V pattern and tiny socks that will match; the colour choice was amazing and the cardigan was adorable. I met some new knitters. Look at that picture of the shop, how much fun and touchy feely opportunities do you see. Love it and the creativety that abounds. Back to work Monday.

Until Next Time:
MommaBearKnits, Designs, Networks.

05 April, 2008

Up to my (V)knees in Deb's Baby "V"

Working on Baby "V" Top Down Cardigan is fun and challenging. I know that the pictures look somewhat like Baby "K" and the colour doesn't help but it is different. The cable/eyelet/twist stitch forms a baby style cable.
The sleeve will have a cable down the centre. That will take a little extra pattern detail but I truly think it is worth it.

The Front button band is garter stitch but has a k2 (RS) and p2 (WS) which seems to take away the pulling up of the edge. At least it looks like that now. The pulling up of the edge of garter stitch trim has always been the reason why I don't choose it very often. But I do like it and besides it helps when counting the ridges between the buttonholes.

The bottom will also have a garter stitch edge. I hope that this will give it a more boyish look while still working for the beautiful baby girls out there that all the grammas love to knit for.
I know grammas love to knit for the handsome baby boys too.
Signing out I remain..........
MommaBear the Knitting Kook.

02 April, 2008

April Showers bring May Flowers

I guess I forced spring with a little too much gusto!! Floods, oh my Gawd, Floods, Rain, Melting Snow. The melting snow is good, but the floods----- give me a break. I wanted Spring not the need for an ARK to get around. Fortunately we live on pretty high ground so we are fine.

Soooooo I changed the blog colour to Blue for the April Showers, hopefully just showers, not downpours. Looking forward to May and May Flowers.

Still Knitting (Designing) Deb's baby V. and looking forward to meeting with the other "Friends of Cabin Fever" to see just what all their creativity brought out for the new baby booklet. I have worked my design out and am now knitting, then will come the writting, not so much fun.
Will post a picture (s) very soon.
Signing Out ----- MommaBearKnits