02 April, 2008

April Showers bring May Flowers

I guess I forced spring with a little too much gusto!! Floods, oh my Gawd, Floods, Rain, Melting Snow. The melting snow is good, but the floods----- give me a break. I wanted Spring not the need for an ARK to get around. Fortunately we live on pretty high ground so we are fine.

Soooooo I changed the blog colour to Blue for the April Showers, hopefully just showers, not downpours. Looking forward to May and May Flowers.

Still Knitting (Designing) Deb's baby V. and looking forward to meeting with the other "Friends of Cabin Fever" to see just what all their creativity brought out for the new baby booklet. I have worked my design out and am now knitting, then will come the writting, not so much fun.
Will post a picture (s) very soon.
Signing Out ----- MommaBearKnits

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