31 August, 2011

Bernardo - Ready to Go on Patternfish.

Yes, I have finally gotten Bernardo finished.  Deb and I met today and she helped tremendously with the final check.  Hope I fixed everthing.   
My name is Butterscotch and I approve Bernardo
 I am MommaBear's Office Manager and her Newborn Size Model
I love the green grass!

I still have to convert the pattern to a PDF and I think I will gather together pictures for Patternfish, read it once more, and let my Bernardo go. 

MommaBearKnits and she Designs

28 August, 2011


Lately I have been having difficulty posting Comments on other blogs.  I cannot get them to work when I choose my Google Account, it won't work at all and when I choose Anonymous it sometimes works but not always.  I don't like the Anonymous choice anyway because I am not Anonymous I am a Knitter and I blog and display my projects.  I appreciate comments and lately I hardly get any.  I am setting up a poll.  Please take the time to vote.  It will ask questiong re: Posting Comments in the Poll.  Please Participate.

When I visited Callum and his Mom, she told me that she visited my blog and tried to comment on her son Callum's pictures.  It didn't work for her, she does not have a google account but why couldn't she post as Anonymous?  I sometime just give up because I get frustrated.

I cannot resist posting Callum in the Bernardo. 


26 August, 2011

Photo Op Day Again:

Today I went to visit Callum and his Mom, Christie.  We both photographed like crazy.  Callum is growing quickly and he is an excellent model:  Bernardo, here we come.

Callum is so cute, I just have to post more pictures

Larger Size, fits Callum the Bug too.
I thought the Larger Red Outfit would be too big, not so, it will fit for a while but he is a big baby.  He is almost 4 months and he looks good in a 6-9 month very generous pattern.

I really cannot say more that the pictures as they are worth a thousand words each. 

MommaBearKnits and she will get Bernardo up on Patternfish by Wednesday as she promised.

25 August, 2011

Bernicy & Bernie , next pattern in the works

Yes, Bernardo is finished.  I have a meeting set up with Callum tomorrow for pictures.  Then I just have to ck the written work a few more times.  It will be posted no later than Wednesday next week.  I have to give myself a schedule or else I will be distracted. 

Atticus - wearing the size 6 - 9 Months.
Atticus will be displayed on Patternfish as one of the pictures, but the model for this pattern is Callum aka The Bug.  After all, the cardigan is inspired by his grandpa Bernard aka Bernardo.  I will certainly have Atticus for other patterns in the works.

Next I am working on Bernicy & Bernie:

I have the basic cardigan drying on the towel.  I have all the numbers done on spreadsheets and the basic version is 3/4 written. 

Now, I have a question for any of my visitors.  I have a lot of ideas for Bernicy but wonder what the knitters out there would rather see:

1. A multicoloured striped cardigan and hat.  That would work as a stash buster.  I think the more colours chosen the better.
2. A lacy border and cuff cardigan for a baby girl and the basic for a boy. 
3. A lacy body and perhaps only yoke buttons, and the body loose and fluttery.
4. A Middle of the body and sleeves Knit/Purl Textured pattern.
5. Another Cable pattern with a more feminine look, or today does it matter if it is feminine for girls?
6.  What would you like to see?  I would appreciate a suggestion.
7. How about a collar?
If you would express your choice, I will welcome it and certainly try to meet your wishes.  I am already starting to come up with some ideas, but can sure use your ideas, if not for this one then the next one.  Now that I have the numbers done for a short row shaped neckline, there will be a few patterns based on the neckline.

MommaBear is still knitting and designing.

24 August, 2011

Something New for Me!

I have been thinking about starting a group on Ravelry and Deb and I have been discussing the idea.  So, today, I came home from Cabin Fever, with more yarn, more ideas, and a thought that I would try it.  Deb was away on a Holiday and I missed her so much, It is so nice to have a mentor like Deb.  She really encourages me.

So, I came home and I started a new group, it is named "Knitting for Babies".  I am happy that the group already has 11 members.  when I started this post there was 7 members, by the time I finished it there was 11.  Less than 2 minutes after I posted it I had a member from Russia.  I encourged members from all over the world as long as they were knitters for babies.  I need to design a better picture for the group but that can be done in the next day or two.  Guess what, I tested my link and now there are 12 members.

Awesome, Hope it works.  I welcome members, ideas, pictures, thoughts, KALs, other members can promote their designs, I can promote my designs, discussions re: Just What New Mom's are looking for.  We can discuss yarn weights, colours, sizes, problems, help with patterns, etc.  And above all, I want to see lots of projects.  Thanks Deb.   MommaBearKnits.

22 August, 2011

A Scary Special Interesting Day

Yesterday morning, Rusty and I were doing our usual morning stretch of the legs.  We went into the subdivision behind our house.  It used to be a bush but now is a growing subdivision with lots of construction going on.  We were just strolling along, Rusty was sniffing every blade of grass, he is a hounddog you know.  All of a sudden, from out of the ditch came a BEAR, it looked at me, and continued across the road to the bush on the other side.  It was a little distance down the road from us, thank goodness.  Rusty, the hound was so busy stiffing that he missed it completely - Thank goodness for that too.  I got out of the area really fast and will not go back to that spot.  I described it to Jerry (PoppaBear) and his thoughts were that it was probably a young bear and was likely kicked out by it's mom not to long ago. 

As you probably guessed, no pictures of that experience.  I did think when I got home, that I should have offered to knit the young bear a hat or something, after all, MommaBearKnits and she should donate to a local Teen Cubby Bear.  He/She may be a relative after all.

It was scary, but I must admit it was an unforgetable experience.

14 August, 2011

Another Photo Opp Day!!!

Today I had a great visit with my sister-in-law a.k.a Gramma; her Daughter a.k.a Mommy, and Sadira and Atticus the two children.  Sadira is three years old and Atticus is 8 months.  We dressed and undressed them until they couldn't take it anymore and complained to us that they didn't want another picture taken.  I was able to get lots of pictures of my designs on the children, that is so much better than hangers. 

This is Sadira wearing my Toddler Hoodie.  It looks cute on her but she is a little big for the size 2.


Atticus wearing a Billy and Bobby Sample
Atticus posed a lot for me and I love the look.

Sadira, Butterscotch and Atticus
Atticus wearing my new Pattern, Bernardo, soon to be released
That is enough for now, I have lots of pictures, I am getting my Toddler hoodie, called "Callum" ready as we speak, it will be up on Patternfish next and then within a few days, "Bernardo" too.  Next will be "Bernicy".

Mommabear knits and designs a lot.  Have a good knitting day!

04 August, 2011


Yes, the Christmas Art and Craft Tour planning is on the table already.  I can hardly wait.  This year I will be at the Oro Medonte Fairgrounds Hall.  The organizers have set up a Facebook group account for the show.  It will offer the opportunity for vendors to display info and pictures and will also keep the public up to date on the event.  I just joined into the facebook account and look forward to posting pictures.  It is called Oro Medonte Christmas Art & Craft Tour and is available for all to view and the vendors to post pictures about their product. 

I am working on Bernardo.  The sizes have been upgraded to 6 sizes: Preemie/Newborn, 3, 6-9 months, 1, 2, & 3 years.  I have made quite a few changes but now I have finalized the design, I just have to finish writing it, read it, knit it, check, check, check it over and over again.  I do try so hard to avoid typos and errors ---  that is a more difficult task than the design itself.

I have finished 5 cardigans, and am working on two more.  When I knit them, little ideas pop up and I make adjustments to the pattern.  All the cardigans are just fine for a baby to wear, but I like to work out little glitches and ideas before the final version is photographed for the pattern.   At first I had a K2, P2 ribbed neckband bottom border and sleeve cuffs. but then I decided that the K2, P2 rib requires a multiple of 4 +2 stitches on the neckband and bottom border and a multiple of 4 stitches on the sleeve cuff.  That created a little difficulty when working 6 sizes and also fitting in an arm Panel Cable Pattern.  So, then I went with garterstitch.  That worked better and allowed fewer stitch differences in each size, but then I realized that the bands had to be worked on a smaller needle in order to draw in the edges.  Now I have it all together and am working on a final sample (Red one in the picture).  They all looked good on Callum and he seemed to be comfortable, so I am confident that it will be finished and posted for sale very soon.  I do have to work out a matching hat and perhaps socks, not sure about the socks, but the hat for sure.

I really like the sleeve panel and also I have worked out a way to raise the back of the neck and lower the front band of the neck.  That is my one concern about top down, I like a lower neck band in the front.  Bernardo has it, hope you like it. 

MommaBearKnits and Designs all day and most of the night. 

Yes it does need a hat, next on my agenda!