25 August, 2011

Bernicy & Bernie , next pattern in the works

Yes, Bernardo is finished.  I have a meeting set up with Callum tomorrow for pictures.  Then I just have to ck the written work a few more times.  It will be posted no later than Wednesday next week.  I have to give myself a schedule or else I will be distracted. 

Atticus - wearing the size 6 - 9 Months.
Atticus will be displayed on Patternfish as one of the pictures, but the model for this pattern is Callum aka The Bug.  After all, the cardigan is inspired by his grandpa Bernard aka Bernardo.  I will certainly have Atticus for other patterns in the works.

Next I am working on Bernicy & Bernie:

I have the basic cardigan drying on the towel.  I have all the numbers done on spreadsheets and the basic version is 3/4 written. 

Now, I have a question for any of my visitors.  I have a lot of ideas for Bernicy but wonder what the knitters out there would rather see:

1. A multicoloured striped cardigan and hat.  That would work as a stash buster.  I think the more colours chosen the better.
2. A lacy border and cuff cardigan for a baby girl and the basic for a boy. 
3. A lacy body and perhaps only yoke buttons, and the body loose and fluttery.
4. A Middle of the body and sleeves Knit/Purl Textured pattern.
5. Another Cable pattern with a more feminine look, or today does it matter if it is feminine for girls?
6.  What would you like to see?  I would appreciate a suggestion.
7. How about a collar?
If you would express your choice, I will welcome it and certainly try to meet your wishes.  I am already starting to come up with some ideas, but can sure use your ideas, if not for this one then the next one.  Now that I have the numbers done for a short row shaped neckline, there will be a few patterns based on the neckline.

MommaBear is still knitting and designing.

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