28 August, 2011


Lately I have been having difficulty posting Comments on other blogs.  I cannot get them to work when I choose my Google Account, it won't work at all and when I choose Anonymous it sometimes works but not always.  I don't like the Anonymous choice anyway because I am not Anonymous I am a Knitter and I blog and display my projects.  I appreciate comments and lately I hardly get any.  I am setting up a poll.  Please take the time to vote.  It will ask questiong re: Posting Comments in the Poll.  Please Participate.

When I visited Callum and his Mom, she told me that she visited my blog and tried to comment on her son Callum's pictures.  It didn't work for her, she does not have a google account but why couldn't she post as Anonymous?  I sometime just give up because I get frustrated.

I cannot resist posting Callum in the Bernardo. 


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  1. sometimes I try to post using the name/url option. It only works when it wants to though and not at all lately. plus if you have to do it through anonymous you could add your name or blogger ID, I would. Trenody85-Christina