09 January, 2011


The vest is coming along, I have finished the first sample of the yoke and now will begin the body.  I am satisfied with the look so far.
The vest yoke displayed over the pullover
While I was working on the yoke I realized that the neckline would work for a completely different sweater.  Perhaps there will be 2 pullovers and a vest.  Who knows!  Three designs all similar, but different.  Maybe I can work out another neckline for the vest, will it ever end?  Oh, well, back to the sticks and string.


07 January, 2011

2011 Here I Come!

Well the New Year's Celebrations are over.  I am now into the winter, into the year 2011, trying to focus on finishing the many ideas for patterns that are bursting out of my brain.  I know, an old brain does get a little frustrated when it goes off in all directions.  Maybe that all direction problem will help me finish my adult compass pattern.  I do have the numbers figured out, I just have to sit down and knit it.  The problem is, when I sit down and knit, I start more socks, start crunching the numbers for a new pattern or just knit, knit, knit!  But I have been working on the Man's Pullover.  I think it will be called ????????.  Sorry, brain freeze not sure yet.

The first sample of the man's pullover is finished --- Yeah!

I have started the Pullover Vest, it will fit over the pullover on cold days for more warmth or over a shirt just as a vest for cool spring or fall days.
 It is funny, the yarn is identical and the picture taken on the same spot in the same light, one looks like a denim blue and the other looks navy.  At least that is how it looks on my computer.  They will be a matching set and hopefully look good layered.   I have a similar set that I knit years ago in heavier yarn and I still wear it and get compliments and questions every time I go out.  I hope the men out there like it too. 

I have a "Baby Emilee"; "Adult Compass;" and this "Pullover/Vest" set to finish.  I will work hard and get them done very very soon.  I promise. 

MommaBearKnits always.