22 March, 2013

Progress Report

There will be a panel down the front and down the back
I have worked out the numbers (neckband at least)  for the next Pullover.  It will be in DK Weight Yarn.  This sample is worked in Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK.  The colour is Denim, after all I am a Denim Kook.   

20 March, 2013

Starting Another Pattern

It will be worked in Panels down the front and down the back, then the rest of the body and the sleeves will be worked sideways.  Hopefully it will work like my other pattern, Baby J.  Please  keep in touch, I am making a big effort to get them done more quickly.   First of all, it will be a Pullover not a cardigan and it will be in multiple sizes, likely from 1-10 years.   I really have become addicted to working the Neckband with a Provisional Cast On.  

19 March, 2013

Got Another Pattern on Patternfish

This one is Sammi:

It is a Multidirectional, No Sew Pattern.  MommaBearKnits and Designs for Babies and More.

17 March, 2013

I posted the Magic Number Baby Booties Pattern to Patternfish

Yes I did it finally:

Magic Number Baby Booties in three Weights of Yarn, Worsted, DK & Fingering

10 March, 2013

Magic Number Baby Booties!!!!

I have worked several pair of Baby Booties using the magic numbers.  Now I have decided to Publish a Pattern and put it up on Patternfish.  I find the booties addictive and they are a great way to use up small amounts of leftover yarn.

They can be worked in three weights of yarn: Worsted, DK, and Fingering.  The size varies slightly depending on the brand of yarn but they all will fit Babies up to 6 Months. 

MommaBearKnits on into the Night, every Night.

16 February, 2013

I am Slow but still Designing!!!!!

I have finally finished the written pattern and three samples.  This one is in 100% wool, and I have since changed the body pattern to accommodate all the sizes.  The last time I posted a picture of this one, it turned out looking really grey, I guess it was a dull day.

Size 2, the pattern is size 2 - 12 (6 sizes)
Now I have finished a size 2 and a size 4 for samples.

Next, I have to double double double check the pattern for errors, then ask another knitter to check for errors, take pictures, work out a scematic and then publish the pattern.

I realize that the neckline looks tight, but it is not, it is worked with a provisional cast on and then both ends are knit together, that makes for a very very stretchy neckband when the child is being dressed and it fits well when being worn.

MommaBearKnits on into the night, she even knits dishcloths when she wants a break from pattern writing.

09 January, 2013


Yes the pullover is complete, at least the first sample.  Now I have to check the numbers.  I will likely do one more sample for the pattern pictures as this one is in 100% wool, not a good choice for toddlers that may be allergic to wool and for  mom's care in washing.

Size 2 Years
Now I just have to finish writing the Pattern and get Callum to be my model.

31 December, 2012

Back On Track!!!

It is New Year's Eve but I am getting back on track before New Year's Day.
I picked up the Pullover that is on the needles and am knitting it.
Hope 2013 is a good year.
When I finish the pullover, I will get on with my next project, 
hopefully it will be a Little Baby Girl's Dress, but I never know for sure.

MommaBearKnits all the time, every day, every hour, early morning and late at night, because I love it!!!!!

23 December, 2012

Merry Christmas
To All
To All
A Good Knit
Have a Happy New Year

19 December, 2012

Busy Time - Just Knitting Socks most of the Time

Yes, I am still working on the Blue Child's Pullover, but this busy time of year kind of makes me just Knit Socks, as they don't need much concentration.   I have been knitting socks for almost 60 years in all sizes and all weights of yarn from fine fingering to worsted weight work socks.  I will get back on the Pullover Pattern in the New Year.  I usually don't work the self patterning yarn socks identical, but because the colours were so obvious, I did this time.  Hope callum likes them. 

Worked in Patons Kroy - Callum will love them, I hope.
MommaBearKnits on into the future, hopefully for a lot more years.

30 November, 2012

Changed the Yarn

I have decided to change the colour of the yarn to a solid shade instead of the Beige Tweed look.  I love the beige yarn and will finish the pullover but will not include in in the Pattern pictures.  The pattern will show up better in the solid colour and besides I am a Denim Kook.

MommaBearKnits Forever!!!!

29 November, 2012


I have been a little slow working this pattern.  I am seriously considering working in it a solid colour so the pictures will work better and the body pattern will stand out better.  That means I have to start again.  Oh Well, that is what I do, I knit every day, all day, and on into the night.  I am still working on socks as well, I cannot help knitting socks. I guess I am addicted. 

This one will definitly be completed as I do love the colours
but will not likely will be used for the pattern pictures.
I guess Callum will luck out again.