31 December, 2008

2009 Here I Come!!!!!!


New Year



Knitting Kooks



looks forward


"Freedom 65"

24 December, 2008

Sock Problem Solved, I Guess!

Cannot go back to this pair.

Received a box containing a ball of "Wisdom Yarns New York" colour # 224. I had already pulled the needles out of the first pair. Don't want to go there. I guess I will just let this go. The new ball can join my many balls of self patterning sock yarn in my huge stash. Perhaps some day I will pull it out and try it again. MommaBearKnitsToo...........

17 December, 2008

Socks Problem Still not Solved

I did contact the company that produced the treachrous sock yarn that dissapointed me greatly. http://www.universalyarn.com/ I was offered a replacement (not really a great deal, but something is better than nothing). First of all Jean Lux, Universal Yarn said she that this yarn is one of their best selling yarns and they have never come across this issue. She also said that she wished I had come to them with my concerns before posting it to my blog - Too Bad!!!! She also said that she would be happy to replace the yarn. Then she asked me if I would like to select another colour and asked me to send my choice and mailing info to Kathy, their Customer Service Manager. That, I did the same day that I received her offer. (December 5). As yet I have not even received a response from Kathy. I would have expected some sort of offer, not necessarily of monetary value, just some sort of promo or perhaps offer of info re: other yarns, samples, patterns, new product or at least a response stating that the replacement is on its way. Nothing!!!! I am still disappointed and will continue to post my concerns until the issue is resolved. I would even be willing to send them my defective yarn (at no cost to me, of course), because I certainly will never finish the socks. Until next time MommaBearKnits on into the future and am still not intending to purchase (which I do a lot of) any more Wisdom Yarns.
P.S. I could have gone back to the merchant but why should the store owner take responsibility.

23 November, 2008

Ticked Off Big Time

I don't usually complain about yarn but this ticks me off. And everyone knows that you should not Tick Off a Momma Bear.

I purchased Wisdom Yarns San Diego self patterning sock yarn. Colour 252 Dye Lot S1884. 75% Wool; 25% Polyamide. Feels good; looks good; but ----- see for yourself. If you knit you know just how long it takes to knit a sock past the heel on 2.25 mm needles, 72 stitches reduced to 60 by the ankle. Hate it, I tried to keep going hoping it would work out, NOT!!!!
I purchase so much yarn and knit continually. This is the first time that I vented on line. I don't even remember where I bought it, I know it was recently, what it cost (cannot be cheap), and do I really need more socks? Doesn't matter, I am a sock knitting kook and am very disappointed. Oh yeah, I email the company with a picture.
As alway MommaBearKnits and can go to her stash and get over her dissapointment. The only other thing about yarn that ticks me off is tooooooooo toooooooo many knots.

02 November, 2008

Well I am on the home stretch for my first baby leaflet which will include three different but somewhat the same baby cardigans. The white one above will be placed on hold for now and will get the opportunity to shine soon. Remember Baby "K"? Well now it has been upgraded, changed a bit, and has become "Katie". The lace trim version is "Sadira" named for my new grand neice Sadira, a.k.a. Sadie which will be the name of the basic cardigan that is also included in this pattern. I am fine tuning the writing and once again, with a sad heart will part with Sadira, Sadie & Katie a.k.a SSK and send them off into the knitting world. This whole process will still be dependent on Deb and Lynda of course.

I am also working on hats! hats! hats! Deb has decided to publish a hat book with a very unique turn. All the hats will be compatible with any yarn weight; from fingering (my fav), DK (second fav), Worsted (least fav), and Chunky (not my choice). It is a real challenge but one that I am willing to meet (or try to meet). I am looking forward to seeing all the hat designs from all the very different designers that are truly dedicated "Friends of Cabin Fever." This book will be a new kid on the block for sure. So, everyone, sort through your stash, this hat book will eat into your stash big time; that will make room for more stash, how good is that?
As always, no surprises here,

28 October, 2008

I am Soooooo Sorry

I have not posted since Canada's Thanksgiving Weekend. I am still knitting and designing. Life has just taken over but I am still at it and I assure you I will be back again with pictures, comments and hopefully some fun comments about my passion and my joyofknitting.

MommaBearKnits and will never give it up, Freedom 65 Here I Come.

13 October, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend in Ontario

Jerry, Rusty (the Bugle Beagle) and me (MommaBear) took a pleasant drive in Oro Medonte today, just to see the beautiful fall colours. We live here (on the edge of Oro Medonte) and sometimes we fail to appreciate just what we have on our doorstep. Guess What! I didn't even take my knitting, just my camera. It was a great drive now we are home, having a few..... and enjoying our surroundings. Beauty!!!

Had family (Bob, Wendy, Sammi) for dinner yesterday (Sunday). It was a great meal, Ham (Turkey is not our thing), Scalloped Potatoes, Fresh Garden Picked Beets, Pineapple, Corn, and finished up with Dutch Apple Pie (Warm). We had a great visit and today we took a picture of a beautiful Fall Coloured Tree to Mary (96 years young, and she still likes the colours of fall). Unfortunatly we no longer can take her out to see the fall colours so my camera did it for her. We love you Mary.

MommaBear has just finished a week of holidays and tomorrow back to the grind.

Freedom 65 Her She Comes, Racing to the finish line..........(Work that is)

08 October, 2008

Baby Patterns Crossing the Finish Line

I met with Deb today and showed her all my samples and we selected two sets of three to be featured in a 1-2-3 pattern. (Three levels using the same basic design). We decided to go with the (1) purple lace; (2) a similar style to the pink Baby K shown above (it will have twisted stitch collar and cuff instead of the whole body) and a (3) basic cardigan similar to the navy one below only using a k2, p2 border. This pattern will be a girly style except for the basic one. The white huggy will be on the back burner until the other two are done. I don't know if it will just be single style with perhaps socks and a hat to match or will I go the next step to make this one also a 1-2-3 pattern.
The second project will be a basic cardigan using a k1,p1 rib; a hoodie, and a very boyish overall patterned cardigan. This pattern will appeal more to the little boys even though girls like hoodies too. Life is good here in Lake Country, MommaBear will knit all winter, no hibernation for this old bear.
MOMMABEARKNITS on into the future, Freedom 65 her she comes.

28 September, 2008

Baby Patterns - Still at It

Finished my hoodie size 12 months. Had another gramma take it home and try it on her grandchild for feed back. Report was that the hood was too wide and needed to be reduced in size. I am working on that as we speak. I see no reason why the red one won't make some little person warm anyway, even if the hood is a little large.

Worked out my choice for the basic cardigan, knit it in Navy with Lady Bug Buttons. It really is cute but I have learned that no matter how cute a cardigan is it still needs to photograph well and I am afraid this one doesn't. Both of these are knit in Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed 45% Cotton/55% Acrylic.
Now I am working on the hoodie again (below), same size, downsizing the hood and trying to maintain the #'s. I think it will be fine.

This is my new version (new sizing anyway) the style is already finalized for the rest of the garment. This sample is knit in Sirdar, Country Style from my stash.


Finished my stretch socks for MommaBear and Bamboo socks for PoppaBear. Oh yeah, I have another pair on the go. What else is new? Nothing.

Bye Bye for now MommaBearKnits on and on into the night. I love visitors to my blog and I encourage comments-----makes me feel good!

Show and Tell (Speaks for itself)

There was plenty of Show and Tell, after all, it has been three months since we met. I guess I was so busy viewing the wonderful projects I only took a few pictures. It was a good night and very nice to get back together.

First Guild Meeting of the Year (Sept-June is our year)

Here we are just sitting waiting for show and tell. Severn Muskoka Knitter's Guild. Some new faces, hope they enjoy the knitting networking and chatty group.

17 September, 2008

I Knit for the Joy of it ----- I Knit for Life

This past weekend I went to the K-W Show with Deb. She drove us from Orillia to Aurora. I Knitted from Orillia to Aurora. Then we boarded the "School Bus" that was arranged by the Aurora Guild. It was my first time. What a great group. They had draws for prizes all the way to the show and the laughter and networking was wonderful. Off course, Deb had to work the show, but I teamed up with Jo-ann and we had a great day. I hate to have my picture taken, but, there I am right beside Deb and directly behind me is Jo-ann. We connected on a sticks and string level and I enjoyed the company. Jo-Ann did make me spend money but I returned the favour.
I am addicted to sock yarn sooooooooooo I could not resist. "The Black Lamb" Merino/Nylon
80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon 3 Ply. I will just touch it, stroke it, and down the road Knit it. How much pleasure can a MommaBear get from one skein of yarn. Love it!!!

This one is Austermann with Aloe Vera ---- nuff said. I have used it before. It feels fabulous in the ball, on the hands when knitting and especially on the FEET!!!

Oh My Gawd!!! Chocolate says "MommaBear Truly is a Kook" what in the world will she do with this leaning tower of pizza?
I purchased it from Grand River Yarns, Stoney Creek, Ontario. I could not resist, and I was "Talked into It" by Jo-ann. It is 1135 gms.; 3064 yds; wool/acrylic/viscose. This will take some thought. One thing I am sure of, Chocolate will not get a new sweater unless there is some left over when I am almost done with it.

........Until next time .......
------ You Kooks out There ----
.........Keep on playing with sticks and string.........
-----MommaBearKnits on and on------

07 September, 2008

What I am up to now!

Well I have shown everyone the latest Baby Patterns that have escaped from somewhere in my mind. But, socks still possess me. I am totally into knitting with double pointed needles, going round and round. I am sure that some of my needles ( I have a large collection) were my mom's before me so all I really have to do is start with a slip knot and the needles just pick up the pace and go for it. They are sooooooo familiar with my style of socks and box heel, taught to me by Mom I would say about 55 years ago and taught to her by her mom-in-law when she was a young woman who ventured from the heart of Toronto to marry a farm boy(man). I just hang on and away they go. I do use bamboo needles some of the time but usually fall back on my old super fine double points. I think I could knit socks in the dark if I had to. Even though I stick to the old style of heel, I do sometimes try something new, especially Deb's Short Row heels. Toe-up knitting is a nice change.

I am working on two pairs at the same time. I could not resist as I have two new yarns (new to me anyway) and I could not use one and leave the other behind. The grey pair are knit in "SRK On Your Toes Bamboo" and the pink ones are "Patons Stretch Socks" (41% Cotton, 39% Wool, 13% Nylon and 7% Elastic.) It seems to be real stretchy, hope it washes well. Oh yeah, I have started another sample of my hoodie (Huggy Bear) in Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK. I hope Deb will take this one on as part of my next project.

Sitting here in Lake Country, It is raining outside, it is Sunday afternoon so what else is there to do but knit. I cannot think of another thing to do today.

................Remember MommaBearKnits

What Else Is New --- MommaBearKnits of Course

Finished the lace version of Baby K. I think this one will be "Sadira"

One more pattern with the Baby K #'s. I think Hoodies are cute and will stay on the baby better than hats. I think this one will be called "Huggy Bear". Along with the basic cardigan, the basic wrap around, the textured diamonds and the colour patterns, I think I have lots to choose from. The basic wrap can also be done with various patterns, such as lace, textured and colour patterns. WILL IT EVER END???

31 August, 2008

Labour Day Weekend In Central Ontario Canada

My name is Chocolate and I approve this picture.

It is beautiful in Lake Country this weekend. I am knitting (thanks to Deb, I am back at socks, can't help it). I am still working on Baby K and it's many offsprings. Every time I finish one I think of another. When will it end?

The Ruster Cruster has turned over a new leaf. He now has decided that MommaBear's Baby Bears are good companions. I had fun this weekend photographing the little critter. He is sooooooo loved but such a trial. Houndogs are truly a species like no other.
MommaBearKnits on into the future.

23 August, 2008


First I had to choose the gifts for Sadira, the "STAR" of the day.
Of course Chocolate was a big help. His final choices are displayed.

Mom (Lindsay) was a happy mom today. Sadira was presented with a great variety of wonderful gifts.

And now the "STAR" SADIRA, a little red headed beauty resting on one of her gramma's lap.

And another grandma. What a lucky little Sadira.

We ended the day with a photo opp!!!
Sadira is part of a four generation group, her mom Lindsay, her Gramma Kathy and Her great Grandma Pat. A stong group of wonderful women.

Great Day, No Knitting, but MommaBear was thrilled with the compliments for the gifts. Everyone was very generous and all the gifts were totally cool.

17 August, 2008

MommaBear Is Still At It; Knitting That Is

Yesterday we hosted a Kirton Family reunion at the Orillia Fish and Game Conservation Club Tree Farm. PoppaBear is a life member of the club and the location is fabulous. Sorry, no pictures, my camera decided that the batteries were done, all eight of them needed to be recharged. I guess rechargable batteries are good but they seem to loose power when they are left at rest too long.

Coming up next Saturday I am going to a baby shower. How lucky is that baby going to be. I will be proud to present her mom with plenty of knitted stuff. Sadie (baby's name) will have lots of love and attention. She has seven great-aunts just on her one gramma's side and who knows how many on the other side. Her gramma and plenty of other relatives will be there for her. Even her Great Grandma will be a part of the day. How good is that?
Chocolate wanted to show everyone that he now has socks to match his new cardigan. He has volunteered to be a spokesman for MommaBear and her patterns. We will see how that works.

PoppaBear raked the area under our bird feeder and deposited them in the back area of the yard, not expecting anything other than perhaps a little greenery - or not! Now we have this wonderful little collection of sunflowers. How neat is that. I don't expect that they will mature to bear seeds but they are pretty none the less.

Soon I will have more projects to display. Keep checking on my blog and I will keep posting.

Until the next time
MommaBearKnits and she is counting the days to Freedom 65.

26 July, 2008

I know there is help out there for Alcoholics, Gamblers, Eaters but what about Knitters, Help Me!

Left: Work in Progress. Below: Work in Progress

Left: Another basic using the Baby "K" numbers
Below: Baby "K" the cause of my increased addiction

Left: More basics from the #'s

Above: Diamond and Ridges, suitable for toddler
Left: Love it but pattern too deep for all the sizes, put on back burner for a possible 2-10 project.
Below: More diamonds and ridges but different.

HELP ME! I need a mentor before I have to add on a storage room for the knitted garments and stash. I want to get the help I need before January 2009 or all is lost. Then I will be retired with more time,
OH MY GAWD! What will I do!
Oh Well, MommaBear
will keep up the good work
for a long time to come. (She hopes)
Oh I forgot to mention that the Baby "K" obsession is just a very small part of my UFO's.

07 July, 2008

Back at it; Designing That Is

I am still working on baby cardigans. This one will cross over and button up on the sides near the bottom.

Butterscotch is a good model. I will keep on Knitting as is my passion. MommaBearKnits.

02 July, 2008

Chocolate has a new Cardigan

I have been dissapointed that all the baby cardigans that MommaBear made were too large for me. The only thing I had to wear was the Diamond Poncho that mommabear designed a few years ago and made me one. I loved it but I am tired of wearing it when all the others are wearing new patterns.
Sooooooo MommaBear knit me a tiny cardigan. She used the numbers for the preemie DK cardigan but used fingering yarn. Isn't it cute. I love it.

I am proud to model my new cardigan. Remember MommaBearKnits.