17 August, 2008

MommaBear Is Still At It; Knitting That Is

Yesterday we hosted a Kirton Family reunion at the Orillia Fish and Game Conservation Club Tree Farm. PoppaBear is a life member of the club and the location is fabulous. Sorry, no pictures, my camera decided that the batteries were done, all eight of them needed to be recharged. I guess rechargable batteries are good but they seem to loose power when they are left at rest too long.

Coming up next Saturday I am going to a baby shower. How lucky is that baby going to be. I will be proud to present her mom with plenty of knitted stuff. Sadie (baby's name) will have lots of love and attention. She has seven great-aunts just on her one gramma's side and who knows how many on the other side. Her gramma and plenty of other relatives will be there for her. Even her Great Grandma will be a part of the day. How good is that?
Chocolate wanted to show everyone that he now has socks to match his new cardigan. He has volunteered to be a spokesman for MommaBear and her patterns. We will see how that works.

PoppaBear raked the area under our bird feeder and deposited them in the back area of the yard, not expecting anything other than perhaps a little greenery - or not! Now we have this wonderful little collection of sunflowers. How neat is that. I don't expect that they will mature to bear seeds but they are pretty none the less.

Soon I will have more projects to display. Keep checking on my blog and I will keep posting.

Until the next time
MommaBearKnits and she is counting the days to Freedom 65.

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  1. I think you're going to need to go to quite a few more baby showers to give away all your baby knits. Are those babies going to be well dressed.