26 July, 2008

I know there is help out there for Alcoholics, Gamblers, Eaters but what about Knitters, Help Me!

Left: Work in Progress. Below: Work in Progress

Left: Another basic using the Baby "K" numbers
Below: Baby "K" the cause of my increased addiction

Left: More basics from the #'s

Above: Diamond and Ridges, suitable for toddler
Left: Love it but pattern too deep for all the sizes, put on back burner for a possible 2-10 project.
Below: More diamonds and ridges but different.

HELP ME! I need a mentor before I have to add on a storage room for the knitted garments and stash. I want to get the help I need before January 2009 or all is lost. Then I will be retired with more time,
OH MY GAWD! What will I do!
Oh Well, MommaBear
will keep up the good work
for a long time to come. (She hopes)
Oh I forgot to mention that the Baby "K" obsession is just a very small part of my UFO's.


  1. Can't help you with the knitting obsession - I suffer from that myself! The sweaters are fabulous.

  2. Wow, look at what can be done with one set of numbers. Incredible.