30 November, 2012

Changed the Yarn

I have decided to change the colour of the yarn to a solid shade instead of the Beige Tweed look.  I love the beige yarn and will finish the pullover but will not include in in the Pattern pictures.  The pattern will show up better in the solid colour and besides I am a Denim Kook.

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29 November, 2012


I have been a little slow working this pattern.  I am seriously considering working in it a solid colour so the pictures will work better and the body pattern will stand out better.  That means I have to start again.  Oh Well, that is what I do, I knit every day, all day, and on into the night.  I am still working on socks as well, I cannot help knitting socks. I guess I am addicted. 

This one will definitly be completed as I do love the colours
but will not likely will be used for the pattern pictures.
I guess Callum will luck out again.

26 November, 2012

Winter is Here! Yuck!

Today is Nov 26, one month from today, Christmas will be over!

MommaBear is still knitting, will post progress later today!

24 November, 2012

Making Progress

I am now working on the Left Shoulder Panel.  Neckband, Centre Back Panel, and Right Shoulder Panel are completed and  I have written the pattern to the end of the Centre Back Panel and will complete the writing of the Shoulder Panels next.  I have worked out all the numbers for the Yoke and Body sections, next I will figure out the Sleeve Stitches and the decreases down the arms.  This pullover will be in six sizes, 2 - 12 years.   I intend to get this done fairly quickly so I can move on to the next one. 

Any ideas what I should do next???? Please comment. 


23 November, 2012

Making Progress

I am making progress, although it is slow:

The Neckband is completed and I have started the Back Neck Panel

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22 November, 2012

Artisan Tour Over - Now I am Back on Track

Yes it is fun to take part in an Artisan Tour but it is even nicer to get back to designing for Babies and More.

On my plate is a Multidirectional Pullover for size 2 to 12.  There will be a comfortable neckline and then the pullover will be worked in many directions.  There will be no SEWING!

Today I am working on the numbers in my spreadsheet and just got the Neckband on the needle:

By Tomorrow the Neckband will be complete and the numbers calulated, I Hope!

MommaBearKnits and Designs for Babies and More. 

07 November, 2012

Let the Countdown begin!!!!!

The 19th ANNUAL CHRISTMAS ARTISAN TOUR 2012 begins Friday Nov. 9th, 9:00a.m.-7:00 pm and Saturday Nov 10th, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

I am ready to go, just have to load my trunk up tomorrow night, and set up for the show;  and then spend two days at the Old Town Hall Oro Fair-Grounds.  I am soooooooo looking forward to it!!!!!

I am ready to go!
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