19 April, 2009

Shawl Progress

I am now at the end of Row 79; 84 stitches on the needles. The test ball of yarn is done, need to go and get some more to finish the project. The shawl is a go with the yarn I am testing. I will likely pick up the rest on Wednesday, the day I go to visit my knitting guru (Deb).

Next an update on my grandbaby Rusty the Cruster Ruster. He is taking over my life now that I am home a lot more. He insists on his walk each and every day, rain or shine. To get my attention he steals one of my walking shoes and proceeds to the centre of the living room and shakes the daylights out of it. So now I am trying to train him to go and get the second shoe so that we can get on the road again. Not easy, have you ever tried to train a hound to do anything that does not involve animal tracks, animal scent, or food. Ooops, got to go, he just came down the hall with the shoe, now I will try to convince him to bring the other one.

Oh dear, he just did, that was a fluke. He really must want to go out with me. I can tell myself that he is learning but that would be a false statement. He is just in a devil mood. I will keep on trying and perhaps will some day succeed.

Until then, MommaBearKnits.

16 April, 2009


Well not really. I am already going in all directions with my "Baby ???", but now I started a shawl. Well, hopefully I will start it. Right now I am just checking out the pattern and choosing the yarn. I am working a sample of the pattern with a Sportsweight/DK. The pattern calls for size 5mm needles, I tried that, didn't like the look. Went to 6mm, still a little too tight. Settled on a 6.5mm. Time will tell, if the yarn pleases me, I will purchase more to finish the project.

So far I have worked 33 rows and have 38 stitches on the needle. Long way to go! The Pattern is called Highland Triangle Shawl from the book called `Folk Shawls` by Cheryl Oberle. After completing 171 rows, I next have to work the `Inner Border` then a lace pattern, then a Lace Edging. I think that is it. The centre pattern is charted (not my thing) and the edging is written out, then the Lace Edging is charted. Wish me luck, I am going to need it. This project has a special meaning to me, as it will be a gift for a special person. Cannot elaborate more than that, she just might visit my blog. I doubt it, she is not a knitting kook like me, but she might.

MommaBearKnits, what else is new.

06 April, 2009

Butterscotch Loves to Model

"Baby ?" needs a name.

Butterscotch is wearing the Preemie size.

05 April, 2009

'Baby ?' is coming

Picture says it all. I am on the home stretch with the 18 month size. I have knit the Preemie size now I just have to confirm the #'s for the in-between sizes and then I am off and running again.

If anyone has a name for it please leave me a comment. Remember it is knit in North South East and West directions and is suitable for a girl or a boy.

Mommabearknits on into the night.................

01 April, 2009

Hoodie Bear is Up and Running

I just received confirmation from Patternfish, Hoodie Bear is up on their site for sale. Just click on the pattern to the left and it will take you to the site.

MommaBearKnits, designs and is still having fun. Retirement, What Retirement?

'Baby ?' Progress

The picture Speaks for itself. Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 complete and working on step 5.