31 December, 2010

27 December, 2010

Move Over Rusty, I'm Back

Yes, Christmas was great, It's over, keep on knitting.  I actually did not stop even on Christmas Day.  I don't know how I could handle a day without sticks and string.
Progress Report: 
The pullover is coming along great
Actually I am still working on the left sleeve but I am happy with the outcome and cannot wait to start on the pullover vest.  Keep watching, I am knitting.
Socks and double wool mittens are finished.

Of Course, I started a hat

The story behind this one is that I started a scarf that was knit in the round on 4 double pointed needles in heavy yarn.  The total stitches were only 48.  I had some worsted weight so I put on 60 sts. on circular needles and worked the 12 st repeat, I loved the look of it so I also started a hat with 96 sts on the needle.

Here is the scarf
This pattern is free on line so it will only be for me and/or mine, not a new MommaBearPattern.  I can not resist changing patterns just because I can.

MommaBearKnits each and every day.

25 December, 2010

Help Me, Rusty Took Over My Computer

Oh Well, Rusty is really into Christmas

24 December, 2010

17 December, 2010

I am still knitting, what else is new? 

Navy socks on the sticks, white ones in the laundry.

Another pair of double mittens on the sticks.  These ones are 100% Superwash Wool.  Wool for warmth and the Superwash for laundry day.  How good is that.

Pullover Progress - the white dots are snow, what else is new?
 I was working on the body of the pullover, lot of knitting, and then I couldn't resist working one sleeve just to see how it works.  I am happy with the progress, the yarn, and the size.  It will fit me!!!!!!!

Back to the sticks and string, I am even doing washcloths, trying to use up my stash. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good knit. 

Comments:  Thanks for the comments Deb and Brenda.  I like the sock book but I have to say, I have been using the calculations since my days as a little girl, knitting with my mom.  I agree with the percentages, and I use them all the time.  Glad you put it in writing for all the knitters out there.

11 December, 2010

Finding Frog Pond in Winter is not easy!

Adult Compass has been frogged.  I did not like the colour effect of the yarn.  I will purchase some plain shade and will get it back on the sticks A.S.A.P.

I am still working on the socks and the Man's Pullover.  MommaBearKnits non-stop as you all know.

09 December, 2010

I have been knitting even though I have not posted lately.  A few new directions (refer to Compass).  I have not been happy with the way the colours work out with the yarn I am using.  The colour balance is way off.  I like this yarn (Fusion), it feels real soft when knit,  but not for Compass.  I used it because the gauge was correct and the supply in the stash was ample.  Now it is heading for the Frog Pond.  I  will not give-up Compass for Adults that easy, I just have to purchase some plain coloured yarn.  No Problem.

Don't worry Fusion, you will rise again.

I have recently finished another pair of socks.  These are mine.

A pair of reversible mittens.  No Pattern, just warm mitts for me.
Another pair of socks on the sticks, not sure for who.
 Now the other project that I have on my plate is a man's pullover with a pullover vest, knit in 100% wool, warm enough for late fall days and early spring days.  When it is a little warmer just the pullover or just the vest over a long sleeved shirt will work too.  So far just the pullover is on the sticks but I like it a lot, as I have one that I knit years ago and I still receive compliments on it and I wear it all winter as a jacket with my jeans.

Of course it is multi-directional and no-sew.  I am working on the body now, next will be the sleeves, and then the vest.  When the knitting is done, just put it on and go outside, you will be warm.   This pullover and vest is also good for outdoor ladies too.  Next I will get Compass going as well, I have most of the pattern finished, just have to work a sample.