23 November, 2011

Artisans' Christmas Tour

Last weekend was the event.  Looking forward to 2012.  I will do it again, after all, I will be knitting and designing during the next 12 months.  It was a little quieter, but the experience is still awesome.  Love the compliments and the sales.  After all, I would need a storage building for all the stock otherwise, I cannot stop knitting and designing so this works for me:

I guess pictures are worth 1,000 words.

MommaBear is back on track, knitting and designing!!!

08 November, 2011

Countdown to Oro Medonte Christmas Artisan's Tour

I am working on the final few projects for the show.  Three Cardigans and Two Hats on the drying Rack.  Three Cardigans and Two Hats on the table just have to end the threads, sew on buttons, and wash.  Then I will start something else. 

Doesn't Look Like a lot when in boxes, but it is.
I like babies and toddlers to be dressed in all colours of the rainbow.  That is my goal.  The show runs from  9:00 am - 7: pm  Friday November 18 and 9:00 am - 4 pm on Saturday November 19.  I am truly looking forward to the show, I will have lots and lots of Cardigans, Hats, Baby/Toddler Socks and even Egg Cozies, Dish Cloths and Pot Holders.   I will also feature my patterns for sale as a show special.  "Baby Compass" "Bernardo" "Billy & Bobby"  "Junior Compass" "Hoodie Bear" & "Huggy Bear" will be on display for sale.

MommaBearKnits on and on into the future and she Designs for Babies too.