28 June, 2010

"Jr Compass" in the LimeLight!

I have been working on the Jr. Compass Pattern.  I have decided to call it "Jr. Compass" as it is the toddler/child version of "Baby Compass".   At first I was calling it Jr. "C" but feel that it needs to have that special "Compass" Conection.  Below is the size 6 sample.  Jr. Compass will be more of a jacket than Baby Compass which is worked in DK weight yarn. 

Next, size 2 and 6 are just hanging out together, enjoying the nice summer day. 

Both samples are knit in Patons Shetland Chunky.  I still have to knit at least one size of the hat, for the photo that will be placed on the front page of the pattern.  Watch for it, it is almost ready to go.  I predict that it will be up and running early in July 2010.  Have a Happy Canada Day everyone.

I have one more sample to finish shown below. 

This sample is size 10, also worked in Patons Shetland Chunky; colour is Blue Jean Varigated.  I have to admit that the texture of the pattern shows much better in a plain shade, but I do love Blue Jeans so here it is in varigated.

Keep on Knitting, MommaBear will knit on into the future. 
Oh, I have also finished my DK socks and a pair of Kroy Socks;
also still working on Photo Prop Baby Hats.

23 June, 2010

It's been a week.

I promised pictures from our road trip.
Didn't get any.
We car pooled to Huntsville, and when we got to Knitting Three Together, we put our purses in the trunk of the car so we could just concentrate on knitting and not have to carry anthing but our knitting bags.  It wasn't my car, so I didn't have the keys. 
Guess what, the camera was in my purse.
We had a great time
---knitting, networking, knitting, and buying more yarn---
Oh, yeah, when I am in a yarn shop, I always carry a little cash in my pocket, just in case I touch a ball or two that I cannot resist.  Yes, I confess, I added to my stash.  What else is new.

At present, I am working on some Photo Prop Baby hats, and I have finished two samples of "Jr. C" in sizes 2 and 6 yrs.  I need to get buttons and then work on one more size before I actually send off the pattern to Patternfish.  - MommaBear

16 June, 2010

Poll Results

The poll is done.  While there was only 6 votes, I learned something.  All six of the votes stated that they were followers.  That is good, as I can expect them to return to my blog on a regular basis.  One of the six also stated that the visit was the result of a designer search.  One other (or the same one) stated that the visit was the result of a referral.  Hopefully, my followers will grow in numbers and I look forward to more comments.  I don't mind suggestions for improvements as well as compliments.  After all, suggestions will help me to make changes and be better at my craft.  I am going on a Knitting Guild Road Trip later today --- Will be a great networking event.  This will be our guild's last meeting until September.  We are going to meet for dinner and then spend some quality time, at Knitting Three Together in Huntsville.  It is a great yarn shop and the owners are great.    .......MommaBearKnits. 
Pictures of the evening will follow tomorrow. 

09 June, 2010


Please answer the poll.  I love feedback and comments on my blog.  Suggestions are welcome too.

08 June, 2010

Still At It!

Huggy Bear Sample is complete.  At the top is the sample for a baby boy and the second one is for a baby girl.  I will download some new pictures onto the pattern and re-submit for sale on Patternfish.  There is absolutely no pattern changes just a little upgrade to the sentence structure and also a schematic is added.

And here is my DK weight socks.  Heavy and warm, very warm - 100% wool.  These will have to go to someone who understands that you hand wash and lay flat to dry.  But they will be super comfortable and very very warm.  Will be good for outdoor guys in the middle of the winter.
As always MommaBearKnits and Designs. 

07 June, 2010

Progress Report!

MommaBear is still knitting.  I have finished the two new samples for Huggy Bear (Wrap Cardigans and Hats); they are still on the drying rack; and now I am working on finishing the Toddler/Child version of Baby Compass.  It will likely be done by the weekend.  But then I only had one (can you believe it, ONLY ONE) project on my needles.  Soooooo I started knitting some wool, DK weight socks.  I don't usually do socks in DK but these will be heavy work/sporty style adult size socks.  Progress pictures will follow in a day or two.  In the meantime "Jr C - Jacket" spent some time relaxing in the trees in my back yard, just to show off her progress.  I am calling it a her, because the colour and the style seems to be more girly than boyish when you get to the larger sizes.  The baby sizes are great for baby boys or girls.   This one is size 6; the pattern will be five sizes ranging from 2 - 10 yrs. when it is finished.  It is in Chunky yarn, not my favourite, but for this project it works real well.  Perhaps I will get to be a fan of chunky after all.

01 June, 2010

Addicted to Knitting and Designing

I am currently finishing up my last new sample for the Huggy Bear revision.  I cannot finish one project without starting another. I have had some comments that Baby Compass would be nice in a size 2 - 10 yrs.  Soooooooooo ---------  It is started.  This time I choose to use Patons Shetland Chunky (it was in my stash).  My favourite yarn weights are fingering and DK but that would be a lot of knitting in DK.  I think I will call it Jr. "C" but I have not not decided on the name for sure yet.  The Chunky yarn will make it more of a warm Jacket for outdoors, instead of a Cardigan.   Section # 1 is complete.   Onward and upward, in every direction of the compass. 

I guess I have to say that not all addictions are bad ----- MommaBearKnits and She Designs Too.