07 June, 2010

Progress Report!

MommaBear is still knitting.  I have finished the two new samples for Huggy Bear (Wrap Cardigans and Hats); they are still on the drying rack; and now I am working on finishing the Toddler/Child version of Baby Compass.  It will likely be done by the weekend.  But then I only had one (can you believe it, ONLY ONE) project on my needles.  Soooooo I started knitting some wool, DK weight socks.  I don't usually do socks in DK but these will be heavy work/sporty style adult size socks.  Progress pictures will follow in a day or two.  In the meantime "Jr C - Jacket" spent some time relaxing in the trees in my back yard, just to show off her progress.  I am calling it a her, because the colour and the style seems to be more girly than boyish when you get to the larger sizes.  The baby sizes are great for baby boys or girls.   This one is size 6; the pattern will be five sizes ranging from 2 - 10 yrs. when it is finished.  It is in Chunky yarn, not my favourite, but for this project it works real well.  Perhaps I will get to be a fan of chunky after all.

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