28 June, 2010

"Jr Compass" in the LimeLight!

I have been working on the Jr. Compass Pattern.  I have decided to call it "Jr. Compass" as it is the toddler/child version of "Baby Compass".   At first I was calling it Jr. "C" but feel that it needs to have that special "Compass" Conection.  Below is the size 6 sample.  Jr. Compass will be more of a jacket than Baby Compass which is worked in DK weight yarn. 

Next, size 2 and 6 are just hanging out together, enjoying the nice summer day. 

Both samples are knit in Patons Shetland Chunky.  I still have to knit at least one size of the hat, for the photo that will be placed on the front page of the pattern.  Watch for it, it is almost ready to go.  I predict that it will be up and running early in July 2010.  Have a Happy Canada Day everyone.

I have one more sample to finish shown below. 

This sample is size 10, also worked in Patons Shetland Chunky; colour is Blue Jean Varigated.  I have to admit that the texture of the pattern shows much better in a plain shade, but I do love Blue Jeans so here it is in varigated.

Keep on Knitting, MommaBear will knit on into the future. 
Oh, I have also finished my DK socks and a pair of Kroy Socks;
also still working on Photo Prop Baby Hats.


  1. The Jr.C looks so jacket-like. Do you know what I mean? It looks sturdy and entirely wearable. It looks like the jacket you would grab above all others to keep your little person warm in the car, at the rink or going for a walk. It's perfect.

  2. I can't wait for the new pattern. Thanks for all your hard work.