23 June, 2010

It's been a week.

I promised pictures from our road trip.
Didn't get any.
We car pooled to Huntsville, and when we got to Knitting Three Together, we put our purses in the trunk of the car so we could just concentrate on knitting and not have to carry anthing but our knitting bags.  It wasn't my car, so I didn't have the keys. 
Guess what, the camera was in my purse.
We had a great time
---knitting, networking, knitting, and buying more yarn---
Oh, yeah, when I am in a yarn shop, I always carry a little cash in my pocket, just in case I touch a ball or two that I cannot resist.  Yes, I confess, I added to my stash.  What else is new.

At present, I am working on some Photo Prop Baby hats, and I have finished two samples of "Jr. C" in sizes 2 and 6 yrs.  I need to get buttons and then work on one more size before I actually send off the pattern to Patternfish.  - MommaBear

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