16 June, 2010

Poll Results

The poll is done.  While there was only 6 votes, I learned something.  All six of the votes stated that they were followers.  That is good, as I can expect them to return to my blog on a regular basis.  One of the six also stated that the visit was the result of a designer search.  One other (or the same one) stated that the visit was the result of a referral.  Hopefully, my followers will grow in numbers and I look forward to more comments.  I don't mind suggestions for improvements as well as compliments.  After all, suggestions will help me to make changes and be better at my craft.  I am going on a Knitting Guild Road Trip later today --- Will be a great networking event.  This will be our guild's last meeting until September.  We are going to meet for dinner and then spend some quality time, at Knitting Three Together in Huntsville.  It is a great yarn shop and the owners are great.    .......MommaBearKnits. 
Pictures of the evening will follow tomorrow. 


  1. Once people discover your wonderful patterns you will have more followers than you can count! Darling patterns!

  2. The Huggy Bear sample photos are terrific. So clear and they really show off the sweater. I really love your new look on the blog.