24 May, 2008

It is the Weekend !!!!! Summer is Trying, Very Trying!!!!

It is beautiful here in Lake Country today, a little cool but sunny and quite breezy. This morning I walked the bugler and he dragged me into the woods and stopped at a wild apple tree. I could not resist taking a little bouquet home for the dining table, I like wild stuff and it is just as pretty as any florist's work of art. Chocolate, of course, jumped at the chance for a photo op. Isn't he just too cute...........

Now on to the creative stuff. I have placed Baby "K" on hold for now, until Deb crawls out from under her huge project..... "The Baby "V" Neck Cardigan Booklet." Judging from what I have seen so far it will be great. The pictures are just soooooooo cute.

What I am doing now is taking my baby "K" numbers and working each size in a somewhat basic design; cardigans and pullovers with the neckline that I used for the Baby "K" Jacket (or Cardigan, not sure yet what to call it). While checking the #'s for each and every size, usually one of the five just don't jive and it takes a little tweeking, I will let the creative juices flow and work different patterns, such as Colours, Lace, Cables, Knit and Purl patterns and whatever else enters my my head while working, lazing around and even sleeping. Dreams are an amazing source for the creative spirit.

This is the first go at it .........Preemie cardigan with seed stitch borders. I am now working on a pullover with pockets and a ribbed border in a size 3 Mos. Both of these are knit in Berroco Comfort DK. Next size, next style, I will use another yarn just for the fun of it.
Signing Out, Please Come Back for an update............ MommaBearKnits "on and on"

17 May, 2008

May "24" Holiday Weekend

Here we are in Ontario's Lake Country. The Port of Orillia is open for business once again. A lot of work for me, and others, but it is "The Jewel of the Trent Severn Waterway". My job at the Orillia District Chamber of Commerce ties me to the Port from May 9 to Labour Day Weekend. I do the books, Susan (my boss at the Chamber) is the Harbourmaster, and all members of the staff do a fantastic job of welcoming our guests. How good is that. And that is why I would not chose to travel on the busy highways this weekend----- why would I, we live here where everybody wants to visit. The weather is not so great for the beginning of the summer season, but that is not our choice. Rusty, the CrusterRuster has found solice in my bed, on my comforter and hugging my afghan. Lucky little devil that he is. I, on the other hand, can knit, design, and veg out on my three day weekend.

Baby "K" has aquired some accessories; a hat and socks. Of course Baby "K" is related to my blanket "Kimm's Baby Blanket" (Another Cabin Fever Pattern).

I do sometimes go overboard with knitting and reknitting when I work out a design but it does eliminate the weird little glitches that crop up on one (of 5) of the sizes for some crazy reason. I can always find a home for the rejects and the tests.

Baby "K" -------
The work is done. I am just fine tuning the socks and the rest is history. I will hold off on Butterscotch's Goodbye Party for "K" until Deb is ready for yet another labour (hopefully, a labour of love, and profits). Watch for the party, Butterscotch would like this one to be out in the woods, a true Teddy Bear's Picnic.
Until then ......
Dreams her Creations
Most of the time they look good in dreamland but do not make it into the real world

11 May, 2008

Baby "K" back on the Burner

Well I have parted with the Baby V cardigan. Watch for the pattern book to be released. It is amazing just how much work still has to be done. Deb and Lynda are by no means near finished with the project.

As always, I am proud to be a friend of Cabin Fever and a small part of the big picture. On to (or back to) Baby "K"................

Now Baby "K" is finished too. I am working on a hat to be part of the pattern, if it is wanted or needed.

This hat is a Preemie size just as a test. I have worked the #'s and am working on a larger size. The jackets in these pictures are size 6-9 mos. I am now working a final version in Preemie just so that I can knit the rows, write (or in this case check) the rows, and then Butterscotch will likely want another party.

Of course I don't know when or if Deb will want or be able to cope with this pattern. She is very very busy and I understand. This jacket has been designed to match the Cabin Fever Pattern # 801 "Three Baby Blankets", my contribution was "Kimm's Reversible Baby Blanket" that was worked in the same twist 2 stitch pattern as this Baby "K" Jacket.
Until the next time MommaBearKnits..........................

03 May, 2008

Deadline for Baby V and Guild Night, how good is that!

It was a great night, as usual. We enjoyed dinner at Zat's, a new Italian Restaurant and then on to Cabin Fever for the guild meeting. We enjoyed Knitting, Talking, Networking, Show & Tell, and a preview of the Baby "V" submissions. How good is that?
Overview of some of the group. It always amazes me that, although we are all Friends of Cabin Fever and are following their criteria, we all are the same only very very different in our designs.
Deb's basic and also, in the back ground the design that Deb will feature as her own.

Sophie's, Oh Boy is she brave, a lot of writing I am sure, but oh soooooooo tailored in the bamboo and super cute in the Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed. Two very different looks, both are super.

Dana's submission, a real baby sweater and a very cute hat. We all remember these and still love them. A style that will never never go out and will be knitted forever, especially by loving grammas. I am sure I will save the pattern for this one, someday, maybe even soon, I will become a great gramma and will start all over again for the third time.
Megan. Oh Megan. You are such a colour person. Your design is modern, grown-up and will look good on the babies when they are dressed in those wonderful grown up pants and T's that we see on babys these days.

Lynda. What can I say. Cute as can be and just look at the socks. Looks good and the colours are to die for.
Karen's is on the way.
Lynda has gone off to photo babies for the book.
I can hardly wait to see the published pattern booklet.

And of course, if you have been following, I was ready with my Baby Bear. I am sure that everyone is sick of my pictures ----- so ------ none in this posting.
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