11 May, 2008

Baby "K" back on the Burner

Well I have parted with the Baby V cardigan. Watch for the pattern book to be released. It is amazing just how much work still has to be done. Deb and Lynda are by no means near finished with the project.

As always, I am proud to be a friend of Cabin Fever and a small part of the big picture. On to (or back to) Baby "K"................

Now Baby "K" is finished too. I am working on a hat to be part of the pattern, if it is wanted or needed.

This hat is a Preemie size just as a test. I have worked the #'s and am working on a larger size. The jackets in these pictures are size 6-9 mos. I am now working a final version in Preemie just so that I can knit the rows, write (or in this case check) the rows, and then Butterscotch will likely want another party.

Of course I don't know when or if Deb will want or be able to cope with this pattern. She is very very busy and I understand. This jacket has been designed to match the Cabin Fever Pattern # 801 "Three Baby Blankets", my contribution was "Kimm's Reversible Baby Blanket" that was worked in the same twist 2 stitch pattern as this Baby "K" Jacket.
Until the next time MommaBearKnits..........................

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