03 May, 2008

Deadline for Baby V and Guild Night, how good is that!

It was a great night, as usual. We enjoyed dinner at Zat's, a new Italian Restaurant and then on to Cabin Fever for the guild meeting. We enjoyed Knitting, Talking, Networking, Show & Tell, and a preview of the Baby "V" submissions. How good is that?
Overview of some of the group. It always amazes me that, although we are all Friends of Cabin Fever and are following their criteria, we all are the same only very very different in our designs.
Deb's basic and also, in the back ground the design that Deb will feature as her own.

Sophie's, Oh Boy is she brave, a lot of writing I am sure, but oh soooooooo tailored in the bamboo and super cute in the Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed. Two very different looks, both are super.

Dana's submission, a real baby sweater and a very cute hat. We all remember these and still love them. A style that will never never go out and will be knitted forever, especially by loving grammas. I am sure I will save the pattern for this one, someday, maybe even soon, I will become a great gramma and will start all over again for the third time.
Megan. Oh Megan. You are such a colour person. Your design is modern, grown-up and will look good on the babies when they are dressed in those wonderful grown up pants and T's that we see on babys these days.

Lynda. What can I say. Cute as can be and just look at the socks. Looks good and the colours are to die for.
Karen's is on the way.
Lynda has gone off to photo babies for the book.
I can hardly wait to see the published pattern booklet.

And of course, if you have been following, I was ready with my Baby Bear. I am sure that everyone is sick of my pictures ----- so ------ none in this posting.
Remember ----- MommaBearKnits on and on--------

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