17 May, 2008

May "24" Holiday Weekend

Here we are in Ontario's Lake Country. The Port of Orillia is open for business once again. A lot of work for me, and others, but it is "The Jewel of the Trent Severn Waterway". My job at the Orillia District Chamber of Commerce ties me to the Port from May 9 to Labour Day Weekend. I do the books, Susan (my boss at the Chamber) is the Harbourmaster, and all members of the staff do a fantastic job of welcoming our guests. How good is that. And that is why I would not chose to travel on the busy highways this weekend----- why would I, we live here where everybody wants to visit. The weather is not so great for the beginning of the summer season, but that is not our choice. Rusty, the CrusterRuster has found solice in my bed, on my comforter and hugging my afghan. Lucky little devil that he is. I, on the other hand, can knit, design, and veg out on my three day weekend.

Baby "K" has aquired some accessories; a hat and socks. Of course Baby "K" is related to my blanket "Kimm's Baby Blanket" (Another Cabin Fever Pattern).

I do sometimes go overboard with knitting and reknitting when I work out a design but it does eliminate the weird little glitches that crop up on one (of 5) of the sizes for some crazy reason. I can always find a home for the rejects and the tests.

Baby "K" -------
The work is done. I am just fine tuning the socks and the rest is history. I will hold off on Butterscotch's Goodbye Party for "K" until Deb is ready for yet another labour (hopefully, a labour of love, and profits). Watch for the party, Butterscotch would like this one to be out in the woods, a true Teddy Bear's Picnic.
Until then ......
Dreams her Creations
Most of the time they look good in dreamland but do not make it into the real world

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