17 July, 2012


It is soooooooo hot here in Orillia that I cannot tackle a big project, but I also cannot resist my needles and string.  I searched my stash, found left over sock yarn, picked up my double points and started baby socks.  They work up real fast so now I have to search some more:

Winter Will Come
Mommabearknits, all day and far into the evening, even in hot weather.

12 July, 2012

Knitting Kook?

I have finally accepted being called a Knitting Kook.  That is what my daughter, Dawn calls me.  It is 31 degrees Celsius here in Orillia and has been very hot over the past few weeks.  I have been working on my designs and knitting a Callum KAL in the heat.  But the truth is, I have also been knitting wool socks in this weather.  I just ended the yarn ends on the fourth pair that I knit during the last 4-5 weeks.  These are for me to keep my tootsies warm in the winter, when the cold weather sets in.  They are all knit in yarn from my stash, after all I have to reduce my stash so that I can buy more yarn for my stash.  The two coloured  pair are knit from leftover ends of yarn that was used for other socks, I cannot throw out even a small leftover ball of sock yarn.

I love knitting socks!
I am a Kook!!! but I love it.  MommaBearKnits.

11 July, 2012

KAL is finished

Callum sizse 3 is finished.
I have finished Callum KAL; my sample anyway, hope others are progressing well too.  Next I am going to design a similar pattern for Children, I think it will be size 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12.  Keep watching, because MommaBearKnits & Designs for Children too.

07 July, 2012

Progress Report for Callum KAL

The weather has been very hot and uncomfortable to be knitting with worsted weight yarn, however I am still making progress:

Size 3 years

MommaBearKnits even in the heat wave!

04 July, 2012

KAL Progress

I have been sitting in front of a window Air Conditioner, it is so hot outside, I cannot even walk the RusterCruster.

But the good news is I can Knit up a Storm, maybe the storm will cool things down.

I have picked up the stitches for the Front Yoke Panel

Front Yoke Complete, next I pick up and knit the Back Yoke
Back and Front Yoke Panels complete.

Body Section Started, Front View

Back View
Back to the comfy chair in front of the Air Conditioner - MommaBearKnits on into the night.

03 July, 2012

KAL Progress Report

I really like this colour.  It is a size 3 years and is worked in Patons Canadiana.

I have completed the first 4 sections: Neckband, Centre Back Panel, Right Shoulder Panel, and the Left Shoulder Panel:

Section 1 - Neckband

Section 2 - Centre Back Panel

Section 3 - Right Shoulder  Panel

Section 4 - Left Shoulder Panel 
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02 July, 2012

KAL, let the journey begin.

Today is the day for the Callum Cable Pullover, KAL.  I am the moderator for the group called  "Knitting for Babies."  Hopefully some of the members will participate and post progress pictures as well.

By the end of the day, I will post my progress and hopefully receive comments from the participants as well.

MommaBearKnits and Designs for Babies and More.

01 July, 2012

Basic Cardigan Pattern

I finally posted my Basic Cardigan Pattern.  It has been on my computer for a long time, I finally decided to post it.    It is just a basic cardigan but hopefully will encourage those knitters who are new to Top Down, No Sew to try it.  I have been careful to give very detailed instructions and of course, I am always there for questions and comments.  I especially like to see pictures from other knitters as well, as we all have preferences for colour and yarn.  I just finished posting it on Patternfish, it may take a while as it is Canada Day.

Have a Great Canada Day!!!!!!!