30 December, 2009


Teen Hoodie Centre Back Panel
I have completed 5 repeats of the 16 row centre panel pattern- 80 rows, very easy repeat pattern
The yarn feels great to work with (Cabin Fever Cottage Colours, 100% Wool).  Soon I will start the front side panels.  Looking good if I do say so myself, after all it is my right to brag - Right?
MommaBearKnits-on & on & on-into the future.  Have a great New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

28 December, 2009

Christmas is Over for 2009 - Back on Track Moving on into 2010

Finishing up some projects:

These are 100% Wool (ends left over from other projects) Mittens.  Trust me they both are the same.  I knit the hand part twice, placed one inside the other and then worked a single cuff.  Now I have very warm reversible mittens - Very Warm.

Of course I have socks in progress.  Socks are always on my sticks.

Now A New Project is Coming!!!!!

I could not wait to tell everyone that I have started the pattern sample for the Tween Hoodie.  I am sooooooo anxious that I took a picture of the cast on-- I have yet to knit Row 1.  Deb, Dana and I met before Christmas and now we are all on a tight schedule to complete each of our own individual patterns.  Keep in touch, I will be updating my progress.
Don't Forget ------ MommaBearKnits

23 December, 2009


Merry Christmas

To All


To All


13 December, 2009

It's Winter in "(frozen) Lake Country"

Yes it's finally winter in Central Ontario.  But I am OK, lots of stash, lots of needles and a lazy boy chair draped with a warm afghan.  What else does MommaBear need.

I am working on a few projects and some are finished - just need to end the tails, Yuck.
Sweater is size 18 months- just for my stock and the socks are knit with Berroco Sox Metallic.  They fit me but will likely be a gift for someone, not sure who.

My main project right now is the teen hoodie.  I have the design in my head but must work it out so that the pattern can be understandable.  The first try is knit with a back panel and the two front panels worked down from the shoulder.  Then the sides are worked out from the sides, and the front band and hood will be done last.  I have already decided to do the back panel, bottom up, then the two front panels bottom up as well and joined at the shoulder.  Of course there will be no sewing, I will use 3-needle cast-off to join them. 
Until next time MommaBearKnits on into the night.

And, of course, I have another pair of socks, just for the mindless knitting periods in my day.  This pair is Bamboo yarn from my stash.

02 December, 2009


And I thought I was a big stasher.  Not so much.  I still have to go through the remaining boxes but I have to concede to Cynthia.  Now there is a big stasher.  Thanks Cynthia for your comment.  Now I can shop without guilt.   Yes Cynthia I have reduced my stash since retirement but retirement also gives me more time to shop, however, not as much money to spend, but I can search for sales, Right?  Joy oh Bliss, life is good.

And Deb, you work in one of the biggest stashes ever.  How good can that be - being a partner in the yarn business must be awesome, no end to sifting through and planning projects. 

Katrina, thanks for your good wishes.  I always stressed that I could not go until my stash is done, I will try, but I will still shop, how can I not?  Knitting is my addiction and I will do my best to prevent the stash from overtaking me.   

Met with Deb today, talked about my hoodie and her teen project.  Back home now, knitting on into the night.