17 July, 2010

Progress, Even in the Heat Wave!

It is still hot.  There must be another word to describe the temp other than hot!!!!!  But I am slowly making progress.  Finished another pair of children's socks and I finished the size 10, Jr. Compass.  Still have to end the yarn tails and find buttons but the being covered with a Chunky Weight Jacket is done!!!!!!

Here it is, resting comfortably in the grass (more weeds that grass, I am afraid)
but it is my space and I love it in the shade, especially these days.

Now a question:   What is wrong with my Christmas Cactus.  Blooming in the hottest days of summer, what is that all about. 
it is loaded with buds ready to burst.  I guess it loves the outdoors too.  I enjoy my hanging garden.  The cactus will bloom all summer long outside, then it will come in and bloom again
several times in the morning sunshine window. 

Until it cools down, Mommabear will knit small items ---- but she will keep on knitting.

On July 28 I am heading for Lake Louise with my daughter to visit my granddaughter Sarah.  I will enjoy the cool mountains for sure. 

12 July, 2010

Hot Weather, is slowing me down!

Knitting in a heat wave takes a little more planning.
I had to revert back to little projects to survive
the 35 plus degree celsius/95 Farhenheit very humid temp. 
Sooooooo I did some socks and even worked on a dishcloth.
After all, Mommabear does have to knit, you know.
We also had a nice birthday gathering for Mary,  she is awesome.
Working on a size 10 with chunky yarn becomes a bit of a challenge,
especially when you get to the body, it feels like a blanket,
and that blanket is not needed in this weather, even with a great big cooling fan.
But now with the rain the temperature is getting back to normal and I am getting back to
Jr. Compass.  I am almost done the third sample, just have to work a hat and then
the pattern is ready !!!!! Yeah.
I have to knit about another 10 inches of the body and then I am done! 

MommaBearKnits, even in a heat wave!!!!!

10 July, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mary, my Mom-in-Law

Celebrating 98 Years, Love you Mary.
Although, she states that She Is Not 98.
What a great lady.
In this case, a pictures certainly is worth a Thousand Words.  Ain't she cute? 

05 July, 2010

Baby Hats Are Coming Out My Ears!!!!!!

At this time I have 26 newborn size hats. (trust me, I have many many hats in all sizes in my stock).   Hopefully some of the newborn hats will be selected by a Barrie area Baby Portrait Photographer who I am meeting with tomorrow morning, the others will accompany me to the Oro Medonte Arts and Craft Tour November 12 & 13, 2010.
I will be set up at the Shanty Bay location. 

Oh my Gawd, how can I think about Christmas Craft Shows on the hottest day of the summer.  It is sunny today and the temperature is 29 Celsius/84.2 Fahrenheit at 9:00 a.m. 
- What will it be by Noon?

Ruster Cruster and I have already finished our daily 2 killometre/1.24 mile walk
before it gets any hotter. 
Back to the needles and string, sitting in front of a large fan.
That can't be all bad, right?
- MommaBear

01 July, 2010