12 July, 2010

Hot Weather, is slowing me down!

Knitting in a heat wave takes a little more planning.
I had to revert back to little projects to survive
the 35 plus degree celsius/95 Farhenheit very humid temp. 
Sooooooo I did some socks and even worked on a dishcloth.
After all, Mommabear does have to knit, you know.
We also had a nice birthday gathering for Mary,  she is awesome.
Working on a size 10 with chunky yarn becomes a bit of a challenge,
especially when you get to the body, it feels like a blanket,
and that blanket is not needed in this weather, even with a great big cooling fan.
But now with the rain the temperature is getting back to normal and I am getting back to
Jr. Compass.  I am almost done the third sample, just have to work a hat and then
the pattern is ready !!!!! Yeah.
I have to knit about another 10 inches of the body and then I am done! 

MommaBearKnits, even in a heat wave!!!!!

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