22 April, 2011

Progress Report

I have finished, washed, blocked and dried the latest sample for the baby book. 

At this time it was still in the drying stage, but now it is finished and ready to pose.
Next, as I promised I am working on my final Compass(es). 

This is knit in 100% wool worsted weight - My size.
This one is in Patons Canadiana, the new generation in the second size.
The new Patons Canadiana is 100% Acrylic of course.  It is very nice to knit and it looks good.  It will be better for washing, but I still like the 100% wool garments better.  These pictures were taken outdoors a few days ago when it looked like it was going to be spring.  Then the snow fell - yuck.  Oh well, Happy Easter everyone and believe me Spring will arrive soon I hope.

In the meantime I am also working on a pair of socks, what else is new, and I have not given up crocheting.

MOMMABEARKNITS and she loves to play with colour.

17 April, 2011

Still Knitting

I was worried that I would run out of yarn for the baby hoodie that I just finished, but I did not. So I knit two pairs of socks too.
Socks are in sock yarn single strands and the hoodie is in the same sock yarn only knit double.
Then I had another pair of children's socks on the needles, so I finish them as well.
These will fit a toddler, they are knit in acrylic sock yarn weight.
 Then on Thursday Deb, Dana and I met to do a lot of finishing on the many many samples that are complete for the New Baby Book.  That night I started another sample in Cabin Fever Tweed DK.  It is finished, washed and blocked.
Size 12 months - basic pattern sample
 Then we went over the pile of completed samples and found that we need another border sample in sock yarn. 

This one is a Border Sample, size 0 - 3 months. 
I have it on my needles and it will be finished very soon I promise.  Deb and Dana also have some more to knit.  It is a lot of work but I enjoy being included in this project.  Thanks Deb.
I will keep on crocheting too.  I am getting into it again, I cannot remember how long ago I preferred crocheting over knitting, one of the reasons were that when you crochet you rarely have to sew any seams, now I have learned how to do that with knitting too.

I have also been working on the Adult Compass.  Samples for adults take a long time, and my practice is to do several (if not all) sizes just to be sure there are no problems.  This one will have a 7 size range, so I for sure will not be able to do all sizes, but at present I am working on the second size (36-38) and my size (44-46) after all I really need another cardigan.   Yeah Right!!!!!

I guess I have to say  "MommaBearKnits and Crochets".

09 April, 2011

Taking a Break! Who am I kidding?

I have finished the knitting for the baby book sample that was posted the other day.  I just have to end the tails and sew on the buttons.  I will post the picture of the finished garment by tomorrow.

But, do you remember the green hoodie for the soon to be arrival.

Thiis is where I was two three days ago
I started it some time ago but became nervous that I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish it and because it was purchased at a knit show before I even knew that the boy was on the way I have not been able to find any more, just in case. 

Yes, we have been informed that it is a boy and will likely be a big boy.  I was trying to figure out what to do to make sure there was enough yarn.   Then, I had a light flash in my head.  The baby will be born in May so a hoodie won't be suitable until the fall, he will be about 4 - 5 months old before the days cool and he will be wearing it.  The baby along with his mom and dad will live in Oro-Medonte.  The leaves are beautiful in late September through October in this part of Ontario and Mom and Dad are great outdoor people.  Soooooooo ------ Maple Leaves it is. 

Oh yah, this project is based on my Hoodie Bear Pattern but is worked in sock yarn doubled.  I had to adjust the numbers a bit and I just added the border pattern for fun.  If you have purchased the pattern, try it, (you do not have to choose leaves, anything will do, just fit it into the number of body stitches) you do not have to follow any pattern exactly, that is what Deb and I are encouraging with the new book. 

Just need to find wooden or leaf buttons.
As it turned out, there is plenty of yarn left sooooooo the boy will get Green Socks, Multi-coloured socks, and likely there will be enough for a striped pair of socks.  The cardigan is in a size 6-9 months so it should fit in the right season for the leaves.  Hope they like it.   To the best of my knowledge, they do not follow this blog so it will be a surprise, I HOPE. 

MommaBearKnits and Designs and she crochets too.

06 April, 2011

Taking a little Break!

Yesterday Deb and I met to discuss the book.  She is teaching this weekend and I am taking a break from the baby book but not from knitting.   I have gone off in a new direction (or old direction) and I am currently in a crochet mode. 

First of all:

This is where I was at my last post.

This is how far I am today.
 This baby cardigan will be finished very soon.  And then I likely will start another. 

Cindy, you asked in your comment when the book would be released.  At the present time Deb expects it to be on the shelf in June. 

Now my new direction just for the fun of it and without any pattern:

Just for the fun of it, I am crocheting baby hats.  New baby on the way in the family.
Guess what, the mom loves green.
This is also for the new little one - guess what---green
Yes, I have crocheted for many years too, but have become addicted to knitting and designing. I think I will try a crocheted baby sweater out of my head just for a break, but the knitting will continue.

I have not forgotten about my other projects: 

My Adult Compass is well on its way.

I have two in progress, different colours and sizes and different yarn.
MommaBearKnits and she Crochets too.  Funny, MommaBearCrochets doesn't sound right. 

Have a great Spring Day ------