22 April, 2011

Progress Report

I have finished, washed, blocked and dried the latest sample for the baby book. 

At this time it was still in the drying stage, but now it is finished and ready to pose.
Next, as I promised I am working on my final Compass(es). 

This is knit in 100% wool worsted weight - My size.
This one is in Patons Canadiana, the new generation in the second size.
The new Patons Canadiana is 100% Acrylic of course.  It is very nice to knit and it looks good.  It will be better for washing, but I still like the 100% wool garments better.  These pictures were taken outdoors a few days ago when it looked like it was going to be spring.  Then the snow fell - yuck.  Oh well, Happy Easter everyone and believe me Spring will arrive soon I hope.

In the meantime I am also working on a pair of socks, what else is new, and I have not given up crocheting.

MOMMABEARKNITS and she loves to play with colour.

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