17 April, 2011

Still Knitting

I was worried that I would run out of yarn for the baby hoodie that I just finished, but I did not. So I knit two pairs of socks too.
Socks are in sock yarn single strands and the hoodie is in the same sock yarn only knit double.
Then I had another pair of children's socks on the needles, so I finish them as well.
These will fit a toddler, they are knit in acrylic sock yarn weight.
 Then on Thursday Deb, Dana and I met to do a lot of finishing on the many many samples that are complete for the New Baby Book.  That night I started another sample in Cabin Fever Tweed DK.  It is finished, washed and blocked.
Size 12 months - basic pattern sample
 Then we went over the pile of completed samples and found that we need another border sample in sock yarn. 

This one is a Border Sample, size 0 - 3 months. 
I have it on my needles and it will be finished very soon I promise.  Deb and Dana also have some more to knit.  It is a lot of work but I enjoy being included in this project.  Thanks Deb.
I will keep on crocheting too.  I am getting into it again, I cannot remember how long ago I preferred crocheting over knitting, one of the reasons were that when you crochet you rarely have to sew any seams, now I have learned how to do that with knitting too.

I have also been working on the Adult Compass.  Samples for adults take a long time, and my practice is to do several (if not all) sizes just to be sure there are no problems.  This one will have a 7 size range, so I for sure will not be able to do all sizes, but at present I am working on the second size (36-38) and my size (44-46) after all I really need another cardigan.   Yeah Right!!!!!

I guess I have to say  "MommaBearKnits and Crochets".

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  1. We knitters always need another cardigan.