06 April, 2011

Taking a little Break!

Yesterday Deb and I met to discuss the book.  She is teaching this weekend and I am taking a break from the baby book but not from knitting.   I have gone off in a new direction (or old direction) and I am currently in a crochet mode. 

First of all:

This is where I was at my last post.

This is how far I am today.
 This baby cardigan will be finished very soon.  And then I likely will start another. 

Cindy, you asked in your comment when the book would be released.  At the present time Deb expects it to be on the shelf in June. 

Now my new direction just for the fun of it and without any pattern:

Just for the fun of it, I am crocheting baby hats.  New baby on the way in the family.
Guess what, the mom loves green.
This is also for the new little one - guess what---green
Yes, I have crocheted for many years too, but have become addicted to knitting and designing. I think I will try a crocheted baby sweater out of my head just for a break, but the knitting will continue.

I have not forgotten about my other projects: 

My Adult Compass is well on its way.

I have two in progress, different colours and sizes and different yarn.
MommaBearKnits and she Crochets too.  Funny, MommaBearCrochets doesn't sound right. 

Have a great Spring Day ------


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  2. Ok let's try again:
    Do what you love and love what you do. You go girl!