30 June, 2008

Walking the Bugle and Taking Pictures of Nature

It's true, a picture is worth a thousand words. MBK

29 June, 2008

Visitor Today in our Back Yard

Not as close as I would like for a picture, but I still had to post it. A real beauty!!!!

28 June, 2008

Coming up to the Birthday Celebration

Hi, my name is Butterscotch. I am kind of the leader of the pack when it comes to Baby Bears. I asked MommaBear for a Canada Day Party and she agreed. So we met earlier today to plan the event. Carmel, Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla, Snowflake all were very enthusiastic. First of all we had to review the designs that we would model at the party. That was fun. I know that it is pretty hot these days but we are babies so we will wear our cardigans and pullovers just in case.
Vanilla had a bit of a problem as a butterfly landed on his nose. We all had a good laugh at that. We were able to select our garments in spite of Vanilla's little problem. There certainly was plenty of sweaters to choose from and great colours too.
Carmel also met up with the flutterby. We are all looking forward to the party on Tuesday.

Until Tuesday MommaBear will be knitting and planning the party.
Likely it will be in the woods if it does not rain.

Tuesday is Canada Day

I am taking an extended long weekend in celebration of Canada Day. Saturday, Sunday, Monday (yes Monday too) and Tuesday Canada Day. I guess I am pretty lucky to be here in Lake Country; having a four day weekend; no need to travel; just hang out in my sanctuary, eat, drink a little beer, and be a little merry. Oh yeah! Knit, Design, and write and rewrite my Baby K and its offsprings.

Butterscotch has requested a Canada Day Teddy's Picnic. I guess I will try to work around the rain and let him do it. I will dress them all up and we will all have fun. Lot's of pictures will follow. This party, hopefully, will be outdoors, perhaps even in the woods. Keep watching for more postings and pictures of the party.

Our guild had a great wrap-up meeting last Wednesday night. See the pictures on Deb's blog http://cabinfeverknittingdesigns.blogspot.com/ Ann is a wonderful hostess and her home is awesome, both indoors and outdoors. A wonderful neighbour and knitting buddy.

Will definitely be back with the party photos. Signing out as always MBK

21 June, 2008

I am Still Knitting

I have been absent from my blog for a while but I assure everyone that I have been knitting and designing. See above, the hat and baby sock (Lynda's Pattern) but with my baby V pattern. It will be included in the Cabin Fever Book. How proud I am to be a Friend of Cabin Fever.

We recently had a night out.....rare for us old folks. We went to Casino Rama on Thursday night and had a great dinner at Rinaldo's then we proceeded to a fabulous show "Andre Philippe Gagnon" there are no words to describe the show, Awesome.
Jerry and I have finally got around to putting up our Gazebo for the summer. Our back yard is our sanctuary. We have plants (that live in our dining room all winter and this time of year I am very happy to move them out, now we can walk around our table).

This crazy plant (see above) has completely outdone itself. We cannot kill it and not sure if we can live with it one more winter. I don't know what to do with it......................

We call this area our Hanging Gardens of Babylon. (above and below)

The gazebo is where we spend private and quiet times. We eat out here and sometimes even stay outdoors until bedtime. (bug repellent, dinner, black and white TV and radio for music)

Our back yard is our space. Our home is not real special but it is ours and our back yard is our private space. Gazebo, hanging gardens, humming bird feeder, and a great BBQ. Why would we go anywhere in the summer. We already live in Lake Country.
Can you see the wild turkeys that come to visit regularly. We are getting reports from all around us that there are bears on the prowl. MommaBearKnits and walks the CrusterRuster, wish me luck, bears are scary even for a mommabear. We also had a visit by a very handsome Buck (Deer) the other night. No pictures yet but I will keep trying. Until we meet again remember......

04 June, 2008

CrusterRuster and MommaBear Still Doing Very Well

I started out with my Baby "K". Did the #'s, worked out the pattern in all 5 sizes (Preemie; 3 mos; 6-9 mos; 12 mos; 18 mos). One would expect that to be it, done, finished, onward and upward to another project. Not!!!!

Next I got the idea that the #'s should work for lots of other designs, both cardigans and pullovers. So I dug right in. So far I have Baby "K"; basic cardigan and basic pullover. That was not enough. Next I started a cardigan with a very grown up look. It contains knit/purl diamonds and knit/purl stripes. Sample in progress below and above. It is in size 18 mos and worked in Sirdar Country Style DK.

The blue pullover is in size 3 mos. worked in Berroco Comfort DK.

The tiny green cardigan is size Preemie, also in Berroco Comfort DK. I plan to do several in all the sizes, some will be striped, some with a colour pattern, perhaps lace, definitely cables, even girly ruffles if the mood strikes me. Until we meet again, CrusterRuster is keeping my bed warm, patiently waiting for me to put those sticks away and WALK!!!!
Remember, MommaBearKnits on and on.
Retirement here I come, more time to knit;
I hope.